September 15, 2009

THURSDAY THOUGHTS - Floating along this creative current

I've been incredibly busy. Work has been busier than usual with extra project and reports. Luckily for me I've been feeling pretty clear-headed and focused the past three weeks. Even so, I feel sooo behind because no matter what, I still have more to do. Today's project is to get through emails. Both work and personal. Weeks have gone by since I've actually sent an email to a friend.

It is also just over four weeks away before I'll be traveling for work and then pleasure. One week in Baltimore and one week, well, somewhere we will have a vacation to remember for years to come. (The kids will not know our destination until we are ON OUR WAY so I can't post it here yet. Such a mean mom, right?)

What makes it stressful is that I'll be arriving home on Saturday from Baltimore at 5:30 PM and I will be leaving again for our vacay on Sunday morning at 9:00 AM. That means I have to be ready for both trips by the 18th of October. I believe I might be a bit insane but what's life without a little bit of chaos!

Additionally, I will be taking a certification exam in Baltimore. I have to study, study, study in all of my spare time.

A good two months or so ago I broke down and bought Lady GaGa on CD. She's got quite a few singles playing on the radio and when I heard "Lovegame" I was hooked. As is my MO, I've pretty much listened to this one CD nearly every day since. I *LOVE* it. Her lyrics aren't what stands out, it is the melody and catchy bits that are intertwined into each song that makes it so special. Each time I listen to it, I just feel caught in this big creative bubble that I want to stay in forever. I caught her shocking VMA performance and was amazed once again at her creativity. Talent is questionable but creatively she's quite remarkable.

I've been working my way through my reading list. Right now I'm listening to Angela's Ashes by Frank McCourt. Audio books are an awesome way to "read" while I'm heading to work and back. Frank McCourt has an amazing Irish accent that I just adore. I feel like their way of storytelling, words & accents combined, are a story in and of itself. However, the book, Angela's Ashes, is also fabulous. Although I'm only a little way in I just don't want this book to end....EVER. I am so sad that Frank McCourt is no longer with us and that his lovely storytelling & Irish accent are gone as well. Highly recommend giving audio books a try. You get an even deeper feel for the stories sometimes.

Between Lady GaGa and Frank McCourt I've been simply floating down this creative current that I just don't want to leave. I feel like I'm wrapped in a comfortable blanket. It is such a wonderful place to be!

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