April 29, 2009

Amazing Pork Recipe!

Martha Stewart usually gets goes a little over the top for my everyday meals but this recipe is too good not to share.
WARNING: This recipe takes a lot of time. We made the pork a few days ahead, shredded it and froze it. I reheated the pork in the slow cooker on low and then made the panini sandwich recipe for dinner....YUM!!! I grilled the sandwiches on my George Foreman grill. I also tried this as a leftover on regular wheat bread and it was just as tasty! Totally worth the time!

April 27, 2009


Stamps....I have soooo many stamps that I've actually been selling some of them. I vowed to get more use out of my stamps this year so this is the perfect challenge for me! I used FIVE different stamps on this page!

Title: Adventure
I can't wait to see what you can do!!

Cardstock (Provo Craft)
Patterned Paper (Hambly)
Stamps (CK's Kit of the Month)
Ink (ColorBox)
Fabric (Tinkering Ink rip strips)
Marker (Zig)
Adhesive (Ad Tech)

The Rules: Projects must be NEWLY created for this challenge. Traditional or Hybrid OK. Deadline for this challenge: April 30th. Winner will be chosen randomly and receive a lovely RAK from me! :) Have fun!

April 24, 2009

The Eulogy...Always a Good Reminder

Pamela Joyce H.

June 9, 1964 - April 24, 2006

Eulogy by Penny B.

My sister Pam was more than a role model for me. She was my confidante and my friend. There is a unique and special relationship between sisters that cannot be duplicated. I can't tell you the number of times that Pam has been there for me or just gave me some thoughtful advice. She was extremely giving of herself to everyone.

The tragedy that occurred on Saturday was something I prayed would never come true. It has been like a living nightmare for me and my family ever since Pam left her home. Words cannot ever describe the devastation that she left behind.

I know with all of my being that Pam did not wish for us to hurt as we do today. She would want us to remember her easy smile and her gorgeous appearance. She would want us to remember her caring nature and her willingness to be there for anyone in need. She was my sister and no one will ever replace her.

As we remember her today I want each of you to take this lesson with you and hold it close to your hearts for the rest of your lives. Each day is a precious gift. Each heart that touches ours and each hand that we are fortunate enough to hold is a special gift and we must never take that gift for granted. We must let each other know that they are part of our soul and can never be replaced. Not only must we share this knowledge but show it as well. Live each day for the gift that it is and receive happiness because of it.

Although the tragedy will weigh heavy on our hearts for the rest of our lives there has to be some good we can learn from it. Love each other well and do it freely. I love you Pam and I will miss you dearly.

April 23, 2009


Work has been absolutely crazy lately. I get so many things coming at me at once that it is super easy to forget things and make a mistake. That's when I have to remember that I am human...ha ha! Each day I work my tail off thinking tomorrow will be quieter but that hasn't happened. On a bright note I've gotten a lot of work done.

I've been 5 weeks free of Fluoxetine (sp?) which is a generic Prozac. Other than feeling more emotional I feel soooo much better. I can actually think clearly and I don't fall asleep standing up (which is only a slight exaggeration). I also have energy. Suddenly I feel like my old, old self again. Way before all of this self discovery began. And you know what??? Tomorrow is the day my sister was found dead three short years ago. I miss her terribly, which is sometimes mixed with anger, but I do not feel like I'm about to drown in pain and tears. Baby steps have gotten me here.

This morning I ran into the therapist I was seeing through all of this and my heart ached a bit (emotional I tell ya!). I gave her a big hug and I could tell she was happy to see me looking so well. It is a moment I realized how instrumental this person has been in my life, and how little I've been able to show her how much it meant to me. I hope she felt the sincere love and gratitude that I felt when I gave her that hug today. She's one amazing lady. Since my medication has been stopped I am going to start seeing her again to try to fine tune some of this emotional stuff I don't know how to handle properly. I will make sure she knows what an impact she's had on my life and where I'm at today. We need more people like her.

There was another striking moment for me this past week. My hubby sprained his ankle while testing for his black belt in karate. He did such a good job up until that point that he was able to pass!! The ankle is not broken but he may have torn some ligaments or something. It is still very swollen. We will find out more on Monday.

The striking moment came when we were getting ready for bed that night. I normally sleep on the left and he on the right side of the bed (facing away from the headboard). He had sprained his left ankle so he wanted to switch sides so we could still touch each other throughout the night. Every night we touch each other no matter what. Sometimes it's only our feet touching, sometimes it's a full-blown snuggle, but always touching. Now isn't that a super sweet thing for him to think of?

Last night we watched a movie called Fireproof. It is about a couple facing divorce and their struggle to make it work. It has a lot of Christianity based elements to it and was a wonderful reminder of how we take each other for granted. The plot was pretty hokey but the message was powerful. I cried. (Are you surprised??) I recommend watching it with your loved one.

This weekend marks the last of the Urban Anthology design star application process. I am not in the lead, but still have a chance in being selected. I'll be crossing my fingers until next week!

April 20, 2009


For this week's challenge I grabbed a VERY, VERY old sheet of rub ons I had lying around. So old that it didn't have its packaging anymore and I don't remember the manufacturer though I think it was Chatterbox. The rub on sheet contained a mixture of alphabet and flowers...and this is what I did with it:

Title: 5th Grade

I applied the rub ons to scraps of paper and die cut tags and then cut them out with a circle punch or scalloped circle punch. Each of these has its own foam adhesive so there's several layers going on.I applied the alphabet along a border die cut. The letters went with the theme of this LO so that worked out well. I think alphabets are pretty universal though and can be used as accents rather than focal points.

I counted 15 rub ons on this layout (counting A-Z as one rub on)...and I was able to polish off this very old sheet of rub ons! Let's see what you can do!!

Sneak peek: thinking about stickers!

Patterned Paper (Bo Bunny-brown, My Minds Eye-photo mat & I have to check on the pink striped one)
Die Cut Shapes (My Minds Eye-border, tags, flowers, Tinkering Ink-partial tag)
Adhesive (Stampin Up, Ad Tech)
Ink (Color Box)
Marker (Zig)
Brads (BasicGrey)
Chipboard (Heidi Swapp)
Foam Alpha (American Crafts)
Vinyl Frame (KI Memories)
Punches (Stampin Up, EK Success)
Other: buttons, ribbon

The Rules: Projects must be NEWLY created for this challenge. Traditional or Hybrid OK. Deadline for this challenge: April 30th. Winner will be chosen randomly and receive a lovely RAK from me! :) Have fun!

April 18, 2009

Urban Anthology Design Star Challenge #4

Well, I survived elimination - as did everyone else. I don't envy the decision makers on this. There are 21 of us continuing and only three design spots open.

Our challenge this week was to create a multi-photo layout using two of our own techniques and giving a little how-to on them. It was great timing for me since I've been toying with the idea of taping some how-to videos for you. I wasn't able to do that this time around but hopefully next time you'll get to see and hear me do my thing in action.

First of all, here's the layout I will be walking you through:
Title: Flying High
Flying High
Both of my techniques involve masking. I love masks because they are SO versatile. Truly the only limits to what you can do with them is your own imagination. They are also inexpensive and last forever! A scrapper on a budget's gotta love that!!
For the first technique you will need a piece of aluminum foil, a mask, ink, clear embossing powder and a heat gun.
1. Lay your mask down on top of the piece of aluminum foil. You don't need to worry about a few wrinkles. Choose your ink.Photobucket
2. Generously tap the ink completely covering the mask and as much surrounding area as you'd like. Very carefully peel the mask off of the aluminum foil.
3. Sprinkle with clear embossing powder. I used a product called Glassy Glaze from Stampin' Up on mine.
4. Heat with heat gun until glossy. You can repeat steps 1-4 multiple times to get a lot of texture or to apply multiple colors of ink. I applied two layers of ink and Glassy Glaze on my project.
And here is the finished result. Cut your aluminum foil to size and mat it on patterned paper or cardstock. I chose a dark blue patterned paper.
Distress the edges of your piece, allowing the paper underneath to show. Be rough and show lots of the color underneath...rip, tear, use your imagination here. The look can be very fun and funky! This piece is ready to use on your layout.

Now we'll move on to the next technique, creating a multiple layer title using masks and rub ons.
Gather some paper for your title. I used the same paper I backed my aluminum foil with in the previous technique. You will also need letter masks of your choice, a marker, foam adhesive, rub ons and a pair of scissors.
1. Place the letter masks on your paper to create your title. Trace each letter mask with a marker. Remove the masks.
2. Cut the title out.
3. Place the title piece where you'd like it to appear on the layout. You don't want to stick it down yet but may want to apply a little removable adhesive as we work through this next step. Choose a rub on and lay it overtop of your title and layout. Apply rub on being careful not to move your title word.
4. Once the rub on is applied remove the title from your layout and apply foam adhesive to its back. Now place your title back where you had it during the previous step. Now you have a full rub on spanning two different layers.
5. Add the rest of the title and you have a three-level title.

That's all there is to it!

Now here's my finished project again and a few close ups.
Flying High

Here are a couple other examples of layouts using these techniques:

I applied letter masks to create my title. Outlined each letter and then rubbed around the letters with chalk. I then applied a rub on right on top of the masks, then peeled them away to reveal the white title letters.

This one used letter masks, chalk and rub ons just like the previous example. I also used a mask in the bottom right of this page spraying over it with Glimmer Mist to give this look

I hope you've enjoyed these techniques and will put them to good use! If you do, please share your creations with me!

Thanks for stopping by!

April 16, 2009

Urban Anthology Design Star Bonus Challenge #3

For this challenge we were to choose a sketch from bonus challenge #2 and use it to create a card. I used Stacey's sketch to create this:I rearranged some of the sketch elements to fit the smaller size of the card. I chose to use a bracket and a flower at the top in place of the arrow and heart, and pushed the sentiment over to where the two accents would be and added a sticker to the side of it. The die cut tag has rub ons applied to its upper right hand corner. I applied Stickles in pink to the rub ons flowers and the Prima flower.

Cardstock (Prism)
Patterned Paper, Die Cut (My Minds Eye)
Die Cut (Tinkering Ink-rectangle)
Flower (Prima)
Stickles (Ranger)
Rub Ons (K&Company)
Stickers (Colorbok)
Adhesive (Ad Tech)
Punch (Fiskars)
Ink (ColorBox)

April 15, 2009

THURSDAY THOUGHTS - Love, Laugh, Learn and Live

It's been awhile since I've posted some Thursday Thoughts and I am just shaking my head because I feel like I have a million things I want to share. It appears that when I'm up I'm golden and when I'm feeling down, I feel pretty much worthless. I hate the ups and downs, but it's been four weeks since I stopped the Prozac and I have felt MUCH more clear-headed and focused. That I love! The bad news is that this past week has been a bit emotional for me, especially considering my hormones were doing some really crazy things at the same time. I've managed quite well though despite LOTS of tiredness and napping. I have to tell myself that feeling emotional is normal. Now HOW emotional is normal is an entirely different question. One that I'm still trying to answer.

We traveled to my parents' house on Saturday to celebrate Easter with the family. It was a pleasant day all around. Sunshine, good food, wine, bubbles and candy. It's all good. This holiday also went by without my heart pining for my sister. That's especially notable since Easter was the last holiday she hosted before her death, and it is nearly the 3rd anniversary since she died. I really do think the third year is when things start to get better.

Sunday Katie and I went to see this:
while the boys went to see Monsters vs. Aliens. (Boys...!) We hadn't eaten dinner so we each had a HUGE tub of popcorn to split with the kids. My crush with Miley Cyrus got even bigger while watching this movie. She's such a beautiful young girl who seems to have a buttload of potential. At this point I'm not sure if I or my daughter likes her more. I loved this movie and cried THREE times (yes...THREE!) during the movie. Ugh.

The kids had spring break last week. It was mostly quiet for all of us. DH and I each took some time off of work to watch them during the week so that we could avoid the daycare costs. It was so nice to be able to sleep in a few days last week!

Last night hubby and I watched this:

I didn't just cry watching this, no, I absolutely BAWLED. There are so many things that pluck at the heart strings here...I had to take a few deep breaths at the end of the movie just to stop crying.

I may be strange but I love movies that make me cry.

I adore Will Smith. Seriously, almost all of his movies are favorites of mine. I'm crushing on him big time right now....

Finally, hubby introduced me to a native Minnesota band called Atmosphere. I've been listening to their "When Life Gives You Lemons ... " CD. The lyrics are very powerful and moving. Again with the emotions and the heart strings. I just can't seem to stop feeling every little thing these days. Their lyrics remind me a bit of a song I'd been writing a few weeks ago. I was proud of it, but DH didn't quite know what to make of it. It *is* very hard to imagine a song with lyrics only. I need to find a good composer to make these words come alive.

But the heavy emotions are what I need to WRITE. I have actually had the desire to write again and, not only that, but FEEL THE MAGIC OF WRITING that seems to take over when things flow easily. It's almost blissful.

So....URBAN ANTHOLOGY...I'm still hanging in there. The elimination is about to happen but I'm feeling pretty confident. I'm totally living by the "If it's meant to be, it will be" philosophy when it comes to my scrapping though. No pressure there, just fun and creativity for me.

I'm hoping .... nope, scratch that ... next time I write Thursday Thoughts I will have gotten some serious writing done. I took a lesson from Seven Pounds to live life as if each day might be your last. I will love, laugh, learn and live as if it were a gift. I'll catch 'ya up on the top!

April 13, 2009


This week's challenge was to use postal elements in our scrapbook page. I used Technique Tuesday's Technique Tiles for mine.
Title: Chasing Bubbles

Patterned Paper, Die Cuts (My Minds Eye)
Technique Tiles (Technique Tuesday)
Crackle Paint, Distress Ink (Ranger)
Stickers (BasicGrey)
Rub On (Hambly)
Adhesive (Stampin Up, Ad Tech)
Marker (Zig)

We went to Grandma & Grandpa W's for Easter dinner. Grandma Kathy surprised you with bubbles. You and Katie couldn't wait to get outside and play with them.

Urban Anthology Design Star Challenge #3

This week's challenge was to "go green" on a layout.


There are several "green" elements to this project. First, I cut and used the acrylic packaging from a Fancy Pants biggest chipboard in the center of this layout. I then took a bottle cap from a Making Memories flower jar and dipped it into a paint and glaze mixture and stamped it onto the back side of the acrylic packaging. The patterned paper is manufactured by Paper Trunk which uses recycled paper. Finally, I literally took a piece of the earth and placed it on this layout...a small twig that I grabbed from my childhood home this past weekend.

Patterned Paper (Paper Salon)
Stickers (Adorn It, Sticker King)
Paint (Ranger, Making Memories)
Marker (Souffle)
Flowers (Heidi Swapp--green, small blue)
Buttons, Flowers, Wrapping Paper (ScarletLime.com April 2009 Kit)
Adhesive (Ad Tech, Glue Dots)
Other: Clear acrylic, bottle cap, twig, ribbon

April 11, 2009 -- We traveled to Grandma & Grandpa W's to celebrate Easter. Grandma Kathy had bubbles and little candy boxes for each of you. You and Korbin rushed outside to blow bubbles and your cousin Erin took the photos. This one was my favorite.


I got punch happy with this week's challenge. The circle punch has to be one of my most under-utilized punch. It can do so much! Look how it took a "blah" page and made it a "WOW" page!
Title: Wish Big
Patterned Paper (Sassafras Lass)
Acrylic Butterflies, Chipboard (Heidi Swapp)
Circle Punch (EK Success)
Rub Ons (Daisy D's, Cosmo Cricket, Making Memories)
Marker (Sharpie)
Adhesive (Ad Tech, Glossy Accents)
Other: cardstock scraps, brad

For this week's challenge grab a punch and go crazy! It doesn't need to be a circle punch...any punch will do!

The Rules: Projects must be NEWLY created for this challenge. Traditional or Hybrid OK. Deadline for this challenge: April 30th. Winner will be chosen randomly and receive a lovely RAK from me! :) Have fun!

April 8, 2009

April 6, 2009


Are you ready for this?? I love how easily this one came together...I simply made a word/image border down the left-hand side of this layout. It was fast and easy...gotta love that!!
Title: White Batman
Check out a close-up of the black circle frame. I inserted a green label sticker inside of the plastic frame then applied a rub on in the center. I filled the frame with Glossy Accents and then swirled a tiny bit of blue Pearl Ex around with a needle. Faux epoxy accent with bling!!Supplies:
Patterned Paper (ScarletLime.com-kit, Creative Imaginations, Scenic Route)
Rub Ons (Tinkering Ink)
Glimmer Mist (Tattered Angels in Patina)
Marker (Zig)
Cardstock (Bazzill)
Glossy Accents (Ranger)
Pearl Ex (Jacquard)
Adhesive (Ad Tech)

This was your Halloween costume at age 6--only I altered the photo to create a white Batman--a super hero that's just for you!

The Rules: Projects must be NEWLY created for this challenge. Traditional or Hybrid OK. Deadline for this challenge: April 30th. Winner will be chosen randomly and receive a lovely RAK from me! :) Have fun!

Urban Anthology Design Star Challenge #2

This challenge was to highlight three of our favorite manufacturers on a layout. I've used three of my consistent loves...Scenic Route, BasicGrey and American Crafts Thickers.

Title: Lil' ButtThe striped paper is Scenic Route. The photo mat and cut-work border on the right is BasicGrey Two Scoops Collection and the title and photo corner are American Crafts Thickers in Chestnut.

Other products used:
Cardstock (Prism, Bazzill)
Sticker Border (Stampin Up)
Ink (Color Box)
Journaling Tag (Daisy D's)
Adhesive (Ad Tech)
Buttons (Buttons Galore)
Adhesive (Ad Tech)
Other: twine

One of the sweetest things about a tiny baby is their little butt! Mason in Aug. 2008

April 4, 2009

Urban Anthology Design Star Bonus Challenge #1

The bonus challenge was to create a card or tag using stamping and fabric. I used a Hero Arts bird stamp on three different fabrics and then cut each layer out and pieced it all together.

Card says: Little birdie said ... today is extra tweet!

Cardstock (Bazzill)
Patterned Paper (Scenic Route)
Stickers (Making Memories, Pebbles)
Thickers (American Crafts)
Jewels (MAMBI)
Flowers (Prima)
Watercolor Crayons (Staedtler)
Ink (Staz On)
Adhesive (Duncan Enterprises, Ad Tech)
Punch (Fiskars)

April 1, 2009

Urban Anthology Design Star Challenge #1

Here's my first entry for the Urban Anthology Design Star Challenge. The assignment was to follow a sketch and showcase your unique style.

Title: Biker Chick
Cardstock (Bazzill, WorldWin)
Patterned Paper (KI Memories, Scenic Route, GCD Studios)
Ink (ColorBox, Stampin Up)
Rub Ons (Daisy D's)
Flower, Buttons (ScarletLime.com kit)
Punch (Fiskars)
Stickers (Scenic Route, Daisy D's)
Tag (October Afternoon)
Marker (Zig)
Stamp (Hero Arts)
Adhesive (Stampin Up, Ad Tech)

You got a brand new Trek bike for your 10th birthday. I can't believe how grown up you look on such a bike with gears and hand brakes and all! You chose it in bubble gum pink!

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