February 25, 2008


I *need* to do some purging in my scrap room, so...

I've put together several kits for sale and I have many more on the way along with tools, stamp sets and idea books. If there are certain products that you are interested in, please let me know. I will gladly combine shipping costs for more than one kit.

Christmas Bits Kit - $17 includes shipping!

5 sheets Bazzill cardstock

Patterned Paper
It Takes Two “LS73” (green pattern)
Paper White “Quilted Holly Blocks”
2 Paper White “Stockings & Bears”
2 Sandylion “Formal Stripes” glitter accents
Sandylion “Formal Script”
Sandylion “Patchwork” glitter accents
Be Blessed “Christmas Spirit”
Be Blessed “Then and Now”
Be Blessed “Christmas Glow”
Be Blessed “Green Bark”
Be Blessed “Holidays”
Be Blessed “Stitched Christmas”
Be Blessed “Love Peace Joy”

Specialty Papers
Pixie Press “Christmas Bits” Vellum Quotes

Creative Imaginations “Christmas Tree” stickers
Stickopotamus Metallic Silver Alphabet
6 border stickers
10 coordinating eyelets
Assortment of buttons, flowers, shiny stars and more!

Krafty Kit -
$17 includes shipping!

5 sheets Bazzill cardstock

Specialty Paper
Sandylion Celebration Swirls embossed paper
Pixie Press “Grandparents” vellum quotes

Patterned Paper
Kraft “Mixed Flower Brocade”
Kraft “Mixed Flower”
Mustard Moon “Ledger Brown”
Mustard Moon “Ledger Kraft”
Mustard Moon “Ledger Turquoise”
Mustard Moon “Ledger Red”
Sandylion “Celebration Stripes”
Sandylion “Celebration Bubbles”
Sandylion “Celebration Words”
Sandylion “Confetti”
Sandy lion “Gold Damask”
Scrap Works Canvas Collection “Seaside Blossom” (double sided)
Scrap Works Canvas Collection “Citrus Grove” (double sided)
Scrap Works Canvas Collection “Citrus Blossom” (double sided)

Bo Bunny Press “Boy” cardstock stickers
2 large music print playing cards
time card
All My Memories Twill Sayings “Mum of Mine” stickers
K&Co. metal “Daffodil Square Frame”
5 18” Ribbon
10 coordinating eyelets
large assortment of charms, flowers and buttons from Buttons Galore, Stampin Up and
Prima and more!

Our Neighbors Kit -
$17 includes shipping!

5 sheets Bazzill cardstock

Specialty Paper
KI Memories Love Elsie Collection “Jack & Abby Neighbors” 12” x 12” fabric

Patterned Paper
Mustard Moon “Ledger Red”
Sandylion “Valentine Stripe - Foil”
Sandylion “Hearts - Foil”
It Takes Two “LS73” (green pattern)
Beary Patch “Swirl Dark”
Beary Patch “Swirl Medium”
My Minds Eye Wild Asparagus Collection “My Family” stripe/blue paper (double-sided, cardstock weight)
My Minds Eye Wild Asparagus Collection “Summer Days” paisley/blue paper (double-sided, cardstock
Dove of the East China Journey Collection “Circle Key Window”
Dove of the East China Journey Collection “Bamboo Poem”
Dove of the East China Journey Collection “Pine Grove”
Dove of the East China Journey Collection “Pearl of Wisdom”
Dove of the East China Journey Collection “Forbidden City:
Dove of the East China Journey Collection “Secret Door”

2 Vintage Travel Sticker Sheet (red/cream and blue/cream)
Pebbles I Kan Dee Twist Ties “Thoughts”
Me & My Big Ideas Soft Spoken Walter Knabe “Congratulations” Dimensional Stickers
NRN Designs “Timeless Treasures” stickers
18” Ribbon - 4 sheer, 1 ric rac
10 coordinating eyelets
large assortment of charms, flowers and watch faces from Buttons Galore, Heidi
Swapp, Prima, Dove of the East and more!

Sweet On You Kit -
$15 includes shipping!

3 sheets Bazzill

Specialty Paper
Prima Paintables Iron Orchid Designs
1 sheet Bazzill Bling pink

Patterned Paper
3 sheets Autumn Leaves Rhonna Farrer Collection
Sandylion “Pink Daisies”
Sandylion “Patchwork” Kelly PanaccI Collection
Sandylion “Giggle Green” Kelly PanaccI Collection
2 sheets Around the Block “Amore” (double-sided)
Around the Block “Head Over Heels” (double-sided)
2 sheets Around the Block “Sweet for You” (double-sided)
Bo Bunny Press “Velvet Floral” (double-sided)
Scrappin’ Sports & More! “Girly Girl t-shirt”
Urban Lily “Ella”

Sandylion “Ballet Stickers” sticker sheet
Paper Bliss wedding theme heavy cardstock embellishments
Hirschberg Schutz & Co. - The Card Connection LOVE paper flower letters
Hirschberg Schutz & Co-The Card Connection I Love You paper flower theme pack
Heidi Swapp - bling frames pink ovals
AMM Studio Collection Fancy Daisy Accents
Junkitz Buttonz “Girl”
10 coordinating eyelets
two chipboard flower squares
Mark Richards USA Crystal Stickers hearts

A little something...

It was a stressful day - busy at work and I had a headache all day long. In the afternoon I started getting a scratchy throat. There's so much going around right now but I don't think I'm getting sick. We're expecting another snowfall and it's been gloomy and wet all day long. I think spring needs to find its way to Wisconsin.

I didn't get any writing done today but I will be back in force tomorrow. The brick-by-brick method of writing seems to be working well.

And, as promised, here are a few recent scrapbook pages.

By the way, that's Milo's injury three weeks after being bitten.

February 21, 2008


So far this week I've managed to keep most of my goals. I've been writing, I've been scrapping and I've even managed to submit some of my work to magazines. I learned about a blog aggregator and got that set up...woohoo! I also listed some of my scrapbook supplies on eBay. I hope to clear out some that I will not use. One of the things I haven't gotten to is getting my paperwork together for taxes. I'd like to do get them completed soon, so it's at the top of my list now.

The winter weather has been awful. If it's not bitterly cold it's snowing. Hubby hasn't been able to work much this winter and the long-term loss of income has been felt by us. I'm still working on his house-husband training...ha!

I've had two deaths in the extended family this week. It has hit my siblings and parents hard, and has also brought back some feelings of loss from Pam's death. It is hard to believe it's been almost 2 years now. It has reminded me how precious life is and how quickly it can be taken away.

Korbin's having more trouble at school the past few days - specifically with a substitute teacher. He'd been doing much better recently so hopefully this is just a bump in the road. I so do not like getting calls from the principal!

I've created some lovely pages lately but haven't posted them here. You can check them out on ScrapFriends, otherwise I'll try to get some posted for you within the next few days.

February 13, 2008

THURSDAY THOUGHTS - Having your cake and eating it too! I'll take seconds please!

I woke up thinking today was Thursday so here are my Thursday thoughts!

I have had a goal of writing for so long now and it just never seems to happen. It is hard to find the balance when I have two passions that take up a considerable amount of my time and energy. I had a revelation of sorts yesterday while reading The Writer's Digest. The theme of the article was "If you lay one brick every day you will eventually create a wall" (my analogy, not theirs). How hard is it to take 15 minutes out of a day to focus entirely on that passion? It won't be much but it'll be something and that's a lot more than I'm doing right now.

Since I'm so goal driven I have decided to e-mail a small group of people to receive my daily writings. It may not be much more than a paragraph some days but my reader's group will keep me motivated and on task. I chose people who have been very helpful to me in the past or whose opinions I have great respect for. If you have not received an e-mail from me but are interested please let me know. I will limit the amount of people I share with for obvious reasons. My reader's group has no obligation to comment on my writing at all, but I hope they do, and most of all, I hope they kick my butt into gear when I need it.

As far as scrapping goes, I have become quite comfortable with my current responsibilities and routine. I have also become more confident in my work and that means less of a need for competition. If something awesome comes along I'll consider it but I'm not going to go bananas about every opportunity that presents itself. I had a premonition last week about my future scrapbooking and if that comes true I will be just where I want to be. ;)

Right now I'm eating a large slice of chocolate cake, eating the batter from the bowl and scooping frosting out of its tub and into my mouth--metaphorically of course, and it is yummy!! Who knows what tomorrow may bring? For today, I'm going to have my cake and eat it too!

February 3, 2008

One Little Word - CREATE

This week's One Little Word is CREATE. There are so many ways to interpret that. My focus this past week has been how to make myself prettier. You know, it's one of those things that you never see yourself as pretty as everyone else sees you? This is *not* me. It was cut out from a popular fashion magazine. This woman looks beautiful to me, not only that but cool & confident too. It makes me want to be better.

Full title reads: If I could create this look, would you call me beautiful?
and the little journaling by her butt reads: "tall, thin & blonde"

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