December 29, 2011


I can't believe 2011 is winding down.  It has been a marvelous year!  I am also excited for 2012 because I have a personal project I will be working on in the month of January and sharing on this blog.   More about that next week.  :o)

First off, a little gripe.  Movie ratings.  When exactly did the movie ratings get so whacked?  My kids are 10 and 13 now so once in awhile we find it nice to enjoy a movie together.  Problem is, I have yet to find a PG-13 rated movie that is not completely inappropriate for children.   We recently sat down to watch Little Fockers together.   We know that this movie series does get a bit risque and were prepared for some of that but in the first 10 minutes alone there was discussion of erectile dysfunction, condoms, sexual positions, sexual appetite and a drawing of a penis.  We turned the movie off.  Luckily most of this went over the kids' heads but it just leaves me wondering who in the heck comes up with these ratings?  I know it is also common to find swearing on daytime television these days.  Where does it end?  It has been very challenging to expose the kids to these more "mature" movies in a gradual & appropriate way.  If you have any advice, please share.  Otherwise I think we'll be sticking to PG and G rated movies for awhile longer. 

Last week I read about a girl named Katie Davis on one of the blogs I subscribe to.  Katie is 22 years old and is incredibly inspiring.  When I watch this video she just appears to glow and she inspires and humbles me with her courage.  Please do take the time to watch Katie explain her mission.  You may want to grab a few tissues first.

Catalyst Atlanta 2011 | Katie Davis from Catalyst on Vimeo.

There are many other videos about Katie and Amazima Ministries on YouTube that are well worth the time to watch. 

Now, an update on us.  We had an excellent Christmas spending time with both sides of the family, enjoying a wide variety of delicious food and drink and lots of laughter.  I was really wiped out on Monday!

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from this past week:
K's Winter Strings Concert
December 22, 2011

He adores playing the viola and often practices on his own.  He has also converted some recorder music to his viola by reading the keys.

K's "big" gift this year - a new alarm clock / radio with mood light and nature sounds that she can dock her iPod in.

Left by Santa in her stocking - Reindeer Peeps.  Aren't they precious?  Other gifts she received this year, Just Dance 3 and Cooking Mama for Wii, Mario Kart for DS, iTunes gift card, Pirates of the Caribbean DVD, lots of drawing stuff, three books, Target gift card, perfume, money and candy.

Hubby received gourmet maple syrup and lots of martial arts books. guys.  I had to take this pic several times because neither of them wanted to give me a nice smile.

K's "big" gift from us--Madden NFL 12 for Wii.  Other gifts he received include Spore Hero and Star Wars for the Wii, Mario Kart for the DS, two books (Kingdom Keepers and the 2012 Guinness Book of World Records), a remote controlled helicopter, Power Rangers, Hex Bugs, iTunes gift card, money, Target gift card, a giant Nerf dart gun and candy,

My gift - some snazzy new sheepskin slippers.  Aren't they sexy?  I/we also received Chili's and Kohl's gift cards, liquor (Rum-Chata, which if you haven't tasted it is delicious!), a frame with our last name hand crocheted inside of it, a carving set and for White Elephant gift exchange we ended up with a pasta dinner set for two, Paula Deen's cupcake mix, water bottle, cozy socks and a Justin Beiber blanket.  (This resulted from many underhand dealings after the gift opening.)

So, plans to ring in the New Year?  We will probably stay at home again this year unless I can find something family appropriate yet fun for all.  Until next year...

December 1, 2011

THURSDAY THOUGHTS - Grace Creates Unity

In case you are zipping through my blog, please take a moment to click on the link at the end of my post.  If I could ask everyone in the world to listen to this message I would.  

I can't believe it's been a month since my last update.  Time sure does fly! 

I had a mini meltdown the weekend before Thanksgiving that resulted in some tears and much-needed conversation between me and my family.  In short, I was feeling unloved and lonely.  Those are the feelings I've struggled with the most in my life.  Having a few years of therapy has helped tremendously and I've gotten much better at asking for things or seeking out the things I feel I'm lacking.  That weekend though I failed miserably.  I told my family I wouldn't be spending Thanksgiving with them after all because I felt so pushed down on everyone else's priority list.   I was fed up with feeling that way.

Long story short, I had a talk with each of my family members and - on my end at least - things feel settled. 

Thanksgiving did turn out to be really good.  I did visit my family for a short while that morning, and then had lunch on Hubby's side of the family.  The best part of the day was that I got to see both of my brothers and my parents as well as Hubby's side of the family.  To me, family is extremely important and I would give up almost anything to preserve that bond. 

That is part of the reason I think this time of year is a struggle for me emotionally.  People get so busy and so obsessed with buying things.  I continue to be amazed at the amount of stuff that gets exchanged.  Life is not about stuff.  I have stuff, and I continue to buy stuff, but my life has never been about acquiring more stuff.   I would freely give this all up if it meant having a better, closer relationship with my friends and family. 

This is what has been on my mind lately and (as usual) our church sermon was incredibly timely.  This is a must listen, particularly at this time of year:  Grace Creates Unity.

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