October 31, 2011

LAYOUT SHARE - More Studio Calico "Lawn Party" Kit

I was able to eek out one more layout from the Lawn Party kit.  I have tons more left to use!

Title:  M @ 3 Days Old 
This is my baby chick, Marley at three days old.  The paper behind the M is a hand stamped piece and the papers behind the doilies is glossy cardstock inked with a brayer.   Both of these pieces were scraps that I just hadn't thrown away. 

October 24, 2011


I have them separated by Early / Mid / Late Spring, and have started each with the smallest in height and went up.

Grand Maitre Giant Crocus
25 bulbs @ $8.37

Blooms:  Early Spring
Height:  3-6"

Lilac Wonder Botanical Tulip Mix
50 bulbs @ $11.17

Blooms:  Early Spring
Height:  5-8"

Mixed Squill Or Scilla
25 bulbs @ $6.71

Blooms: Early Spring
Height: 6-10"

Orangey Butterfly Daffodil
5 bulbs @ $8.21

Blooms:  Mid Spring
Height:  14-20"

Attila Triumph Tulip Value Bag
35 bulbs @ $14.67

Blooms:  Mid Spring
Height:  20-24"

Ivory Bells Fritillaria
1 bulb @ $19.46

Blooms:  Mid Spring
Height:  30-36"

Ivory Queen Allium
5 bulbs @ $7.46

Blooms:  Late Spring
Height:  6-12"

Sir Winston Churchill Daffodil
5 bulbs @ $6.71

Blooms:  Late Spring
Height:  10-16"

City of Vancouver Single Late Tulip
10 bulbs @ $8.95

Blooms:  Late Spring
Height:  24-30"

Purple Sensation Allium
5 bulbs @ $8.21

Blooms:  Late Spring
Height:  24-36"

Orange Cassini Triumph Tulip
6 bulbs for $3.80

Blooms:  Mid-Spring
Height:  12-18"

LAYOUT SHARE - Studio Calico "Lawn Party" Kit

Two layouts to share using the "Lawn Party" Studio Calico kit.

Title:  6 & 9
Journaling:  Still need to add.

Title:  You've Always Been a Nurturer
Journaling:  This has not been uncommon to see you caring for your "babies."  You started with your Pooh Bear and baby doll, then a bigger baby doll, an American Girl-tye doll that had a horse and you could have her change outfits, then Barbies and Bratz dolls.  Then you went for playing Mom and making your brother be your baby.  You also baby our cat, Claire, wrapping her in blankets and carrying her around.  (Photos from 2000 and 2007, Journaling Oct. 2011)

LISTENING TO: Tiffany - I Think We're Alone Now

This song brings me directly back to middle school, specifically a party that my friend Sherry had. 

October 17, 2011

LAYOUT SHARE - Using Studio Calico "Boardwalk" Kit

Three of my recent layouts using the Studio Calico "Boardwalk" kit.

Title: Words From the Heart
Journaling: Letter about "My Mother" written by Katie, tucked inside of the library pocket.

Title:  Summer Dog Walker
Journaling:  Katie took a big interest in taking Milo for walks this summer.  For a girl who isn't big on physical exercise, it was a welcomed change.  She took him up our street by herself for the first time.  2011

Title:  I am a Writer
Journaling:  I have been frustrated with myself for years because I don't write every day like a "real" writer does.  I don't know why it's a struggle but I am learning to let go and just be ME!  Sept. 2011

LISTENING TO: Flo Rida - Low

***Contains inappropriate language for children. Please do not listen if crude language offends you.

October 7, 2011

FABULOUS FINDS - Elephant Hamper

Isn't this just the cutest?    I am starting to see that I really do have a *thing* for elephants.  I can't help myself.

Rattan Elephant Hamper - $59 on Amazon.com

October 6, 2011


It has been an absolutely gorgeous fall week with temperatures starting in the 40's and 50's overnight and reaching into the 70's the past few days.  The leaves are turning brilliant colors--red, yellow and orange--which really stand out against the blue sky.  I need to get some photos before the snow starts flying.  Ha ha...kidding, though maybe not.

Almost every evening you can find me outside in our backyard soaking up the last of the day's sunshine and letting the chickens roam around our yard.  Sometimes I read and sometimes I just relax.  If the kids aren't busy they will come outside too.

Last night was just like that though short-lived.  It is pitch black by 7:00 PM.  Pretty soon I'll be coming home in the dark.  This is what our evening looked like:
Adelita (four months old)

Espresso (about 7 weeks old)


Marley (front) and Smores

My daughter swinging.  She's such a cool little thing.

My son - after I prompted him to give me a real smile he acted like he was tickling himself and this is the result.

When I'm not outside you can find me in my scrap room creating some custom popcorn boxes and treat bags for Four Eyes Designs.  I've had several orders recently and they've kept me busy.
I made 24 of these for a little girl's birthday party.

And I'm making 15 of these for a Saved by the Bell themed bachelorette party.  I recreated a design similar to the show's logo and am using three different phrases on them.  I need to finish these up in the next couple of days.

Not sure if I'll have a post next Thursday as I will be in Denver for a conference.  Looking forward to visiting a new city!

October 3, 2011

LISTENING TO: T.I. - That's All She Wrote (2011 Remix)

***Contains inappropriate language for children.  Please do not listen if crude language offends you.

Some of this song is a little too crude for my taste but I can't get the song out of my head.  Come to think of it, this is what Eminem does best.

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