March 30, 2012

FABULOUS FINDS: Gourmet Easter Cookies

(This is too funny for me not to share...when I first typed my title to this post I typed Gourmet Cooties.  Ahem.)
I know it's a bit early for an Easter find, but I couldn't resist.  These are so stinkin' cute!!  From Baked Ideas.
At $45 for 6 of them I think I'll have to drool over the online photo instead of the real cookies.  I can almost taste them.

March 28, 2012

Week in Pictures 3.28.12

I do a lousy job at taking everyday photos.  Even when I've been trying to take photos I suck at it.  I did manage to get 6 photos to share with you this week. 
Week in Pictures 3.28.12
  1. Little Man at his first "real" soccer practice.  He seems to be out of his league at this point.  Every other child is either older than he is or much larger.  He manages to get toward the front when they are doing a group run though.  That kid loves to run.
  2. Long Island Medium.  A new show that just started.  This was the only TV I watched all week.  Not sure what that says about me, but anywho, this type of show/ability fascinates me and I can't get enough.  I would LOVE to have a legit reading one day.
  3. An almost perfect sour cream coffee cake.  A chunk on the left decided to stick to the pan.  I threw in a banana to get rid of a ripe one and it added more flavor than I expected.  I would probably like it better without.
  4. Monday it was 34 degrees and a high of 48.  The day before it was in the mid 70's.  A strange spring.
  5. A sunset caught in our church parking lot before my daughter's confirmation class.
  6. My niece playing peek-a-boo with my daughter at the meal following my grandma's funeral.  She was a lovely distraction for us.

    March 26, 2012

    LAYOUT SHARE: He Cares

    I used a bunch of my Studio Calico kits in this one, trying to use up some of the past kits so I can prepare for the new ones.  I created the red chevron by cutting out a bit of that yellow patterned paper beneath and painting it red.

    Title:  He Cares
    Journaling:  It seems like everywhere he goes he gives his time and talent to others.

    Kits Used: Daydream Believer kit (chevron paper, fabric scallops), Brooklyn Flea (alphas, people border strip, button), Field Guide (tape), and Lawn Party (flag) 

    Old supplies:  October Afternoon label sticker, Heidi Swapp photo corner. 

    March 23, 2012

    FABULOUS FINDS: Penny Wall

    I really want to try this...a wall decorated with pennies.  I love the natural contrast in colors.  I'm just wondering where I can try this.  Recently featured on the Design Sponge blog.

    March 22, 2012


    Is it possible to have too many creative endeavors?  

    That is what I've been asking myself lately.  I have so many ideas that I'm not sure it's physically possible for me to do them all, but the visions, dreams, hopes continue and push me forward.  I'm not complaining, creative energy is a wonderful feeling, but some days I feel more like a collector of dreams than realizing my dreams.  I feel passionate about all of them equally.

    Right now I have a card idea that involves a doily die cut -- perhaps for a wedding.  I can see it in my mind, perhaps metallic grey card base, a pink doily extending off and around the crease to the back of the card, and a white organza ribbon and pink brad at the center point of the doily.  What a perfect card for Mother's Day or Weddings.

    I want to paint on canvas.  It involves red, white and black acrylic, a poppy image perhaps, I am not really sure yet, but I can see certain elements in my mind, some red/black blending in the background and bold white element as a focal point.  I haven't painted since high school but for some reason I have a strong urge to do so and also the confidence that I can make something beautiful. 

    I have a lot of new Copic markers waiting for me to play with them.  I spent a small fortune on them and haven't given them much of my time yet, because my visions keep pulling me elsewhere.

    I have two photo frame projects in the works.  

    I have a very elegant heart banner idea that I want to create and sell in the shop.

    I have some new buttons and pendants waiting for the final coats of sealant and listing in the shop.  I also have a clay technique book that I want to go through and really explore the properties of polymer clay. 

    I want to write, but that has been pushed to the back burner for a long time.

    I want to scrapbook.  That is one thing I have been consistent on this month and have -- for the first time ever -- used up most of my monthly Studio Calico kit before the next one arrives.

    I started some new owl die cuts that I am going to list in the shop.

    I think that's it, but these are only the active, daily creative thoughts that I've been having.  There are tons more just floating in the back of my mind or written down for later.

    Sometimes my brain just blossoms with colors, images and ideas and it is too exciting to let go of them.  

    So, I ask, is it possible to have too many endeavors or is this simply a characteristic of artists in general?  

    March 19, 2012

    LAYOUT SHARE: Smores

    A picture of our chicken Smores when she was just a few months old.  I used some Studio Calico Glee Club kit product and added some very old Tinkering Ink rub ons (flowers) and a tag I've had for about a year and a half.
    Title:  Smores

    March 16, 2012

    FABULOUS FINDS: Oreo Cookie Art

    It is a talent all in itself to be able to create this art and not eat it up before you've gotten this far.

    Check out this really cool artwork by Judith G. Klausner
    Now I want an Oreo.  Great.

    March 15, 2012

    THURSDAY THOUGHTS - Cupcakes Flopped

    I was listening to Prince's Greatest Hits on Saturday when my daughter asked me, "Mom is that old time music?"  I said, "Why, do you think it sounds old?" and she said "Yes."  Damn did that make me feel old.  I then realized that she's only known music with hip hop influence, nothing rock 'n roll, so it made sense for her to not recognize that type of music.  Funny moment!

    On Saturday I made two types of cupcakes preparing for Hubby's 40th birthday party.  I tested caramel toffee crunch and red velvet cupcakes (both from scratch).  The first batch of caramel toffee cupcakes were a complete bust.
    completely sunken in the middle.  I Googled that problem and the answers were consistent, wrong temperature or opening oven door during baking, both of which I had done.  I threw these away and made another batch, only this time a half batch.

    Both kinds are yummy but I actually like the red velvet more.  It is very chocolatey tasting.  I think we'll be making both of these for the party and maybe a yellow box mix one too.

    The weather this week has changed for the better, now in the upper 60's and low to mid-70's.  I love this time of year!  I spend a lot of time outside enjoying the sunshine and watching the chickens roam the yard.

    My son had an interesting end to last week with a new boy in his class giving him $50 in exchange for my son's French toast stick.  Luckily he mentioned it right away at pick up time and Daddy took the money to a teacher to be returned to the boy's father.  My son said this boy actually had $150 in his pocket!  Apparently the boy has had some issues and early this week was suspended for an unrelated infraction. 

    Hubby made the best-ever venison chops this week.  I can take or leave venison and it is really hard to cook it well, but this was WONDERFUL.  So good that I picked the meat from the bone.  His secret?  Marinating the chops in buttermilk overnight.  The venison was so tender and flavorful.  If you eat venison you have to give this a try.  You'll thank me later.

    My mom spent the weekend and early part of the week in the hospital.  It was worrisome because they couldn't figure out what was wrong with her.  High fever for many days, bad, painful cough, not getting enough oxygen and very dehydrated.  After a battery of tests and almost 4 days in the hospital they determined she has the rhinovirus.  This is not good timing as she has been very busy (and stressed!) trying to plan my Grandma's funeral. 

    Here's to a wonderfully eventful week ahead for us all!

    March 12, 2012


    A photo of my niece in June 2011.  I used paint and Stickles glitter glue on these chipboard butterflies.  Sadly, the paint I wanted to use was completely dried up so I can to use what was still wet and mix them together to make green.  That is how long my paints have been sitting around.  It was good to use them again!

    Title:  Bella

    March 5, 2012

    LAYOUT SHARE: 21 Years

    I used just a few old supplies on this layout--the chipboard figures, the heart sticker and chalk.  Yes, chalk!  See the pink cheeks on the woman?  Hee!  The rest came from some recent Studio Calico kits.

    Title:  21 Yrs.
    Journaling:  Twenty-one years?  Seems impossible though it feels like we've been together forever.  Our routine is family oriented and comfortable--not to many surprises.  But our perfect alignment when we sleep, the way we hold hands with our pinkies free and that it's impossible to get a serious picture of you -- those are all things that make us great.

    The photos are actually from our 20th anniversary.  Seems I didn't get one photo of the two of us in 2011. 

    March 2, 2012

    FABULOUS FINDS: Jewel Tone Shoes

    I really want these shoes.  They would match a skirt I got from New York & Company perfectly.  
    $90.00 from Anthropologie.  If they were a bit cheaper I might splurge but I can't see wearing these enough to spend that much.  

    March 1, 2012

    THURSDAY THOUGHTS: A Teeter Totter Week

    This week started off with a gorgeous snowfall.  The flakes were huge and floating softly as they fell.  It was so pretty I shot some video of it.  And the next day we woke up to this:
    I appreciate the snowfall much more this year since we've only had a few small snowfalls and nothing more than a few inches at a time.

    The weather was perfect for this treat:
    A huge mug of chipolte hot chocolate from Theo Chocolates.  The mix is made up of big yummy chunks of chocolate, no powder.  It is awesome!  

    We had a REALLY bad night on Monday.  The kids were home alone for a couple of hours and when I came home I saw that there was dog poop in our family room.   Not a happy camper!

    The tale begins with my daughter telling my son to let Milo outside.  He said he would after he was done with the computer game he was in the middle of.  Get where this is going?

    He forgot to let Milo out.  

    Why my daughter didn't let him out--who knows.  

    So they both had the pleasure of picking up the mess.  It was a struggle to get this accomplished but I was just the supervisor standing by with my arms crossed and a scowl on my face so I could deal.

    After this was done I sat down for a moment and saw that Milo had also puked on the floor.  Lovely.  I asked the kids to clean this up too.  I figured this was part of the mess they failed to clean up before I got home.  

    They ended up fighting with each other trying to get the stuff to clean it up and I heard a crack and then really shrill crying from my son.  I was pissed.  Beyond pissed actually.  

    I went to check on my son who was sobbing on his bed to find out what happened.  He said he'd kicked Milo's bone at my daughter and she responded by slapping him in the face.  I know from the sound I heard it was very hard and I felt sick.

    I somehow was able to manage this all without losing it and explained to my daughter that it was never okay to hit someone, and that slapping someone across the face is much different than having a bone hit your foot.  I said when you are standing eye-to-eye with someone and you slap them across the face that causes more damage then a red cheek.  It is emotionally bruising too. 

    I took her phone away from her for a week, and her world stopped.  At least that is the way she felt.  She went on like a two year old telling me I love my son more than her, etc., etc.   My daughter rarely gets this level of punishment so this was a big deal to her, and that is what she deserved.

    I sent both children to their rooms with their doors closed and told them they were not allowed to come out unless they had to use the bathroom.  They were supposed to clean their room and reflect on their actions.  They spent 1 1/2 hours in their room before I allowed them to come out on the condition that they would sit and talk about what happened and find a way to make it right.

    They acted so happy and played together so nicely after that, it was like two different children.  We have spent a big part of this week talking about these behaviors and ways to prevent them from happening in the future.

    We watched an amazing movie called Courageous.  It is one of the best movies I've watched.  It is Christian based and shows how important having an active father figure in the home is.  I have not laughed nor cried as much at any movie as this one.  I highly recommend it, and wish more movies were this family appropriate.  It has already changed our home a bit with my Hubby wanting us to say a prayer before dinner and eating at the dinner table together (something we did occasionally, but not always).  He has also come in to say prayers with the kids and I before bedtime.  It is nice to see him choose to be more involved.

    The end of the week was a fun one for me as I received my third batch of Copic markers.
    Found a great deal on some new markers at the Sale/Trade board at 2 Peas in a Bucket and couldn't pass them up.  This is the stash I have now.  Haven't counted but around 50 I think.

    I played around and got this:
    from an old Prima Paintables cardstock sheet I had.  I was in poor lighting and kept getting shadows so I stopped trying to be perfect and just experiment with how the colors blend.  Not too bad for a first try.  

    On a sad note, my Grandma (my last living grandparent) is about to die.  She's had no water or food or IV for 10 days and is somehow still hanging on.  It's quite a feat and doesn't depart from the strength she's shown throughout her life and as she has been battling Alzheimer's and has had a poor quality life for many years now.  My mom and my two aunts have told her "It's time to move on" but she still lingers. 

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