September 20, 2013

DAILY FASHION FIND: Free People "In Any Direction" Sweater - $49.95

There are a couple of reasons for the break in posting these.
1.  I will only post things I would wear.
2.  They have to be a reasonable price I would pay.
3.  There has to be a decent variety of sizes available.
4.  My phone isn't working with Lyst to pull the embed code so that I can blog the picture for you.

But, I did find a fashion find for you today.  It is a gorgeous crochet sweater that is available in ivory, slate or strawberry.  The Lyst app says it is $38 but the Free People site has it listed for $49.95.  Not sure why there's a difference. 

Also, note the reviews that the color names appear to be a bit misleading with the "slate" being a bit green and the "ivory" being more of a true white.

Free People
In Any Direction Pullover


I'll take the strawberry in medium please!

September 6, 2013

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