October 1, 2013

DAILY FASHION FIND: H&M Single-Breasted Jacket - $24.95

This single-breasted jacket is only $25 from H&M and comes in black, navy and dark grey.   There are plenty of sizes available so shop now!

Single-breasted Jacket

Single-breasted Jacket - from H&M

Fitted, single-breasted jacket in woven fabric with a slight sheen. Front pockets with flap, one small chest pocket, decorative buttons at cuffs, and vent at back. Lined.

September 20, 2013

DAILY FASHION FIND: Free People "In Any Direction" Sweater - $49.95

There are a couple of reasons for the break in posting these.
1.  I will only post things I would wear.
2.  They have to be a reasonable price I would pay.
3.  There has to be a decent variety of sizes available.
4.  My phone isn't working with Lyst to pull the embed code so that I can blog the picture for you.

But, I did find a fashion find for you today.  It is a gorgeous crochet sweater that is available in ivory, slate or strawberry.  The Lyst app says it is $38 but the Free People site has it listed for $49.95.  Not sure why there's a difference. 

Also, note the reviews that the color names appear to be a bit misleading with the "slate" being a bit green and the "ivory" being more of a true white.

Free People
In Any Direction Pullover

Source: Lyst.com

I'll take the strawberry in medium please!

September 6, 2013

August 15, 2013

THAILAND - Day 1: The [long] Journey

We left home at 4:45 AM and drove to the park & ride to catch the Van Galder bus to Chicago.  We arrived at Chicago O'Hare airport around 10:30 AM and met up with Deb Bachmann for a little breakfast at Wolfgang Puck's.  We parted ways soon after to catch our 1:00 PM flight.  (Deb flew on a different airline.)  As we checked the monitors again we discovered that our flight had now been postponed to 5:00 PM, which meant our connection in Tokyo was not going to happen.  That sucked, but really I was so excited for the trip that I let this problem go for the time being. 

Our flight to Tokyo was 13 hours.  We all had little monitors in front of us which made the time pass a little smoother.  The kids did great.  I slept quite a bit and tried to do some reading.  The food they served was excellent.  We had two meals and two snacks during the flight so we got off the plane feeling thirsty but satisfied. 

It was just after 7:00 PM when we arrived at the Tokyo Narita International airport.  Once we landed we were informed that there were no other flights leaving for Bangkok that evening but United had arranged a shuttle bus for us to go to Haneda airport to catch a flight from there that was leaving at 12:05 AM.  The panic started creeping in then because the shuttle was going to leave at 8:20 PM and we still had to get our bags and then go through customs even though we wouldn't be setting foot outside of an airport.  It was pretty much a blur, but we did make the shuttle, barely, and everything else went smoothly.  And finally we arrived in Bangkok around 6:00 AM.  Yeah!!

We found a taxi driver to take us to our hotel but he had a hard time finding the hotel and what should have taken 20 minutes took an hour.  I don't believe he spoke English (we had arranged the ride with someone else), so we ended up directing him by using Google Maps on my phone to locate the hotel.  While driving in circles we were shocked to see all of the crazy traffic and the construction workers standing directly on the roadside sweeping and doing their work.  I commented that if our U.S. construction workers were put in those conditions they'd probably have a heart attack--it was very scary to see, but apparently normal for them in Bangkok.  

Finally around 7:00 AM we arrived at the Ibis Riverside hotel.  It was a gorgeous hotel and we were so thankful to have arrived. 

March 25, 2013

LAYOUT SHARE: Family and Me @ 13

I know it's been a very long time since I've blogged -- Sep. 2012 to be exact.  No big reason for it other than giving myself some down (away) time.  I am going to start the blog posts again because I love looking back on it to refresh my own memory.  

So, this week two layouts to share. 

Title:  Me @ 13
This is a page of me with my hair cut very short snuggling with our new lab, Mandy.  This would have been in 1985.  I used a bunch of new Studio Calico kit items mixed with some very old Sassafras Lass stickers, and old chipboard flower accent and the lime green flower.  Love finding ways to use the old with the new.

Title:  Family
This is a layout of most of my family (my side).  Missing my niece, Sara.  I tucked a tag behind the photo with full names of each person so there is a record of who is who for future generations.  I am not good at providing these details because *I* know who everyone is.  I don't think about the future generation who might see my scrapbooks.  So, yeah, super brownie points for me on this one!  Old supplies, the house stickers.  Had no idea how I'd use these but I've really liked them.  It just worked so well with this photo.  Love.

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