June 14, 2012

THURSDAY THOUGHTS - Thermometers Lie

Yesterday my daughter started her first swim team practice.  It is an hour and a half of swimming laps starting at 6:30 AM.  No sleeping in for her this summer!

When I get home last night I noticed that she was sniffling.  I figured it was just from all of the chlorine and didn't think much of it.  Later on, while we were running errands, she complained of being cold.  Odd, since it was in the upper 70's.  A mom's first reaction -- putting my cheek on her forehead to see if she had a fever.  Yup, I could feel it.

When we got home I had her take her temperature - 100.3.  Not too bad, but neither of my kids have been sick like this for a long time and since a fever was one of the early symptoms I know it isn't a simple cold. 

I had her take a long bath with my lavender vanilla aromatherapy foam bath.  Love that scent!  She went to bed right after.

I checked on her when I went to bed around midnight.  As soon as my cheek touched her forehead I exclaimed "Oh shit!"  She was so hot!  She has never been one to have high fevers but my son has many times (usually 103-105 when he was sick) so my memories of nights with him being ill rushed to mind.  I had her get up and take her temperature.  The thermometer still showed a 100.something temperature.  Clearly the thermometer lies.  (I'm guessing her temp. was around 102-103.)

There is just something special about mom's checking temperatures, isn't there?  I don't know how many times my cheek has touched their foreheads to check for fever.  It has felt a cool forehead all the way up to 105.4. 

What I learned today, the thermometer lies.

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