September 28, 2007've gotta read this!

I've updated the blog. How do you like the new look?

Would you like to see some of my recent work? I thought so!

I haven't spent too much time scrapping lately. My body's told me to rest and I've listened. ;o) Hoping for a quiet weekend ahead and LOTS of scrapping. I'm going to be working with Tinkering Ink's Botanical Bliss collection. YUM!

I will also be working on October's ad inspiration challenge for ScrapFriends. Stay tuned!

I overheard Korbin talking to Katie last night as he was jumping into the shower and she was getting dressed after hers. It went something like this:

Korbin: You get hair down there ya know...

Katie: No you don't.

Korbin: Uh huh...I saw daddy's.

Um...OMG...I'm not ready for THIS yet. What next??

For those that are wondering, Hubby's school is going very well (hard, but well). It has been hard on me not having him home three nights out of the week too. It's been less liberating than if he just went on a vacation or something. :D Now I've got lots of obligations to deal math homework and fussy end-of-day attitudes. LOL!

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