May 26, 2011


We received our chicks this week.  Unfortunately only one of the four survived the transit.  This is the Easter Egger.  Isn't she cute?
She loves to chase our hands when we move them nearby.  She chirps at us when we are around and seems to get lonely when we leave.  I can't believe how she seems to have grown already.  Hubby watched her fall asleep last night.  Wish I'd seen that.  So cute!

We should be getting the other three chicks sometime next week.  

I ordered some new clothes from New York & Company this an awesome deal on it and they all fit!  A sassy white suit, floral top and a pretty raspberry colored cardigan, some yoga pants and a new purse.  Wooohooo! 

I am working on posting to my blog on a regular basis so keep stopping by!

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