November 3, 2011


Our oldest chicken, Adelita, laid her first egg on Saturday. My son has been checking twice a day since then to see if she's laid more...he's so excited! But she has not produced another yet. Come spring time she should produce about 2-3 eggs a week.

For the second (or third?) year in a row we've had pleasant weather for trick or treating! It was in the 40's I'd say, but no rain and no snow! We again took the kids to Willy Street. That area of the city is so fun -- everyone really gets into the decorating, costumes and spooky things for the kids.

This year my daughter went as Alice in Wonderland and my son was an Ice Ninja. They each gathered about a gallon of candy before we headed home. That will last them a long time.

I made treat boxes for the trick-or-treaters (we ended up having none at all this year), and Hubby made this dracula jack-o-lantern with a knife and an internet picture...not bad, eh?

The most notable treat of all, though, was for the adults. One house gave out warm spiked apple cider and another gave out shots of apple pie drink with whipped cream on top. See...I told you this neighborhood really gets into it!

We have also had an interesting couple of weeks contemplating a move from the city into the country. We found a farmette outside of Deerfield that we all really like, but it is a one bathroom house and I can't see that working out. It would take some work to get the house and property into tip-top shape but it definitely has potential. For now, this house is out, but the location and land were almost perfect. 

Thinking about moving and leaving our house now - which I love - is stressful but we long for that country setting.   I guess we'll see what the future holds.  Perhaps that perfect house will come along that we know is the one for us.

To finish out this past week, I went to an ENT specialist at the UW Hospital to look at some ear pressure and congestion along with clicking noises I get when swallowing.  Guess what?  I'm normal.  Hearing's good, no fluid in the ears, no wax, no strange deviations, no explanation.  That is one of the reasons I dislike getting things checked out unless they are really, really serious.  All ailments seem to be inconclusive and I feel like I've wasted time and money.  I am grateful that nothing is wrong, but I feel so disappointed that - for now - it is something I just have to learn to deal with.  Frustrating.  

Until next week ~ Warm Blessings!

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