June 14, 2007

THURSDAY THOUGHTS - If Mother Teresa Had a Blog

Over the past week I've been thinking about my friends and family. I wonder if the life I'm living now is what I want to be remembered for, and what sort of legacy I'd leave behind.

Is what I'm doing for you enough? And what could I do better?

A few years back when the movie Pay It Forward came out I thought it portrayed an excellent life lesson. Imagine if we all did something nice for one person each day. You may not realize it at the time but you just changed their life.

The tools we have to spread happiness and support to those in need is pretty much limitless now. I wonder what kind of impact Mother Teresa would have had if she had touched millions of people through a blog?

I'm very guilty of being so focused that I miss some of the finer details and things that are occurring around me. I think it is a great day to stop and pay attention and make a difference in somone's life today.

I have this quote on my computer and I think it fits today's message:

"I may never see tomorrow,
there's no written guarantee,
and things that happened yesterday
belong in history."


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