August 13, 2008


Every once in awhile I come across something that's just inexplicably and profoundly moving. It's the kind of something that makes me feel extremely creative. Where I just want to sit down and write. I discovered that something in Nikki Sixx's new "soundtrack" to The Heroin Diaries. It's a concept album like none other, filled with spoken excepts from the book of the same title as well as songs inspired by events described in the book. It's like an expression of yourself in multiple forms. And it works, brilliantly.

It's been, oh, 15 YEARS since I've listened to what was called rock music back then (now I think they call it soft rock or, heaven forbid, classic rock??) but listening to this seemed to wrap me up in a creative lullaby that I don't want to end.

It just reminds me how beautiful life can be when we keep an open mind to new experiences.

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