August 7, 2008


Blah, blah, blah.

That's the way I've been feeling and it irks me to post two weeks in a row with this kind of attitude. I'm so not a negative-thinker but it seems that's all I've been lately. I really hope to turn things around and I've been trying. I know I have MUCH to be thankful for and probably really nothing to be down about but hey, I'm only human with a lot of delightful female hormones running around my body. Sometimes it takes us a bit longer to be ready for the race. the spirit of nonsensical blabber I'm NOT going to tell you what's bothering me and I'm NOT going to feel sorry for myself or ask for sympathy. Instead I'll share the good that's been happening this week.

My writing has really been a focus for me this week. I began a new monthly feature at ScrapFriends called Undiscovered Scrapper. Each month I will find a scrapper with outstanding work who, for the most part, flies totally under the published designer/design team member category. This month I featured Tina Aszmus. This is really cool because it allowed me to do what I like to do - write - while doing what I love to do - finding inspiration through other scrappers. It's been a great experience and I'm already getting excited to search for next month's designer.

SHHHH, don't say anything but I was also honored to interview Magdalena Muldoon of Mercart. We will be reviewing the "Art Unscripted" DVD with Carol Duvall that she was featured in this month so the interview will complement that. It won't be released for another week or two. So watch for it! And you didn't hear it from me!!

Creatively things are popping really slowly but I do feel a few kernels getting ready to explode and seeing that tomorrow's Friday and I can stay-up-as-late-as-I-wanna I'm pumped! I've got so much I want to do, it's just nuts how excited it makes me!

Oh, and I just purchased the Cricut Storybook cartridge I've been drooling over AND the Design Studio software which I've heard nothing but raves about. I'm totally busted if my Hubby reads this post! That should be arriving in a day or two and wooo hoooo, I'm going to be Cricuting like mad!!

Till' next week then, enjoy each moment!

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