July 7, 2011

THURSDAY THOUGHTS - Celebrations Galore!

It was another weekend full of celebrations. 

On Friday we drove to Pell Lake, WI for my niece, Kayla's, high school graduation party.  She will be heading to Nashville to study music and further her career.  It was nice to see that part of the family again.  It certainly made me miss my sister as well.  She has missed so much in the past five years.

We spent the night at my father-in-law's house for a belated father's day get-together.  We watched Despicable Me on Saturday morning, had a wonderful scrambled eggs and bacon breakfast and then a quick lunch at Pizza Hut before heading back home.

Saturday was my son's 10th birthday so we gave him his gifts once we got home - a Bakugan DS game and a pencil drawing instructional book and sketch pad.  He had requested breakfast in bed for his birthday.  Since we were out of town we granted his wish on Sunday morning.  I made pancakes with some chocolate chips sprinkled on top, sausages and a glass of oj.

Monday we just hung around home and went to the Monona fireworks in the evening.  They were amazing!  Unfortunately we were two blankets away from a very interesting group of people who appeared to be very high on something and taking pleasure in self-asphyxiation.  It was quite disturbing to say the least and an uncomfortable sight to explain to the kids   We alerted the police but the people explained their strange behavior as an asthma attack and the cops went on to other things.  I'm curious as to what the heck they were doing and if self-asphyxiation is the "in" thing right now? 

Tuesday was my daughter's 13th birthday.  She also requested breakfast in bed.  I made her chocolate chip muffins and a fruit cup.  She had wanted her room painted so we worked on that all day.  She picked out a bright teal blue paint color.  Her room looks so different and I was so sore by the end of the day! 

This weekend we'll be off to the last of our graduation parties this summer, but then have our kids' birthday party the following weekend. 

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