October 24, 2011

LAYOUT SHARE - Studio Calico "Lawn Party" Kit

Two layouts to share using the "Lawn Party" Studio Calico kit.

Title:  6 & 9
Journaling:  Still need to add.

Title:  You've Always Been a Nurturer
Journaling:  This has not been uncommon to see you caring for your "babies."  You started with your Pooh Bear and baby doll, then a bigger baby doll, an American Girl-tye doll that had a horse and you could have her change outfits, then Barbies and Bratz dolls.  Then you went for playing Mom and making your brother be your baby.  You also baby our cat, Claire, wrapping her in blankets and carrying her around.  (Photos from 2000 and 2007, Journaling Oct. 2011)

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