January 19, 2012


Well, the past two weeks have not been as fulfilling as they could have been and that's why I skipped posting last week.  I feel like my life has been very routine and boring.  Nothing wrong with that, just not interesting to read about on a blog.

Along with that, do you ever have days (weeks?) that you and your significant other just do not "click."  That has been me the past two weeks.  Not that we were fighting, but we didn't exactly get along either.  

On Sunday I felt like my Hubby was really working against me.  A new Bible study had just started on the book of Revelations.  The Bible study would have been a new and interesting experience for us.  We needed to leave the house a little over an hour earlier than we would normally for our church service and I knew this would be a challenge for the four of us.  

But that morning we were doing fine getting ready, though the kids were grumbling, when Hubby vocalized his opinion that "I (he) have better things to do" and "you can study the Bible at home" and things similar to that.  I told him politely that if he didn't want to go that would be fine, just drop me off and go do something else for an hour.  Of course that obvious answer didn't solve the problem because he kept picking at my desire to go and did attend with me.  Afterward his comments were "We don't have the materials" and "we didn't sign up ahead of time"  I offered to talk to Pastor Mike (the study leader) about it but I was sure that it wasn't too late to join in.  But, no, once we found a seat for church Hubby still kept on his grumpy face and I didn't want to put up with it anymore so I said that I was going to go back downstairs where the Bible study had taken place and see if I can find someone to give me a ride in the future so he didn't have to waste his time with the Bible study.  Of course he wasn't pleased with this solution at all and continued to make comments.  When I returned he immediately said "you're going to look really stupid when you have to call them and let them know you don't need a ride."  I ignored him.  I hadn't found a ride, but I did get several people to get in touch with so I was confident a ride could be found.  

Later that afternoon one of the church members called me and said she'd spoken to someone who was willing to give me a ride and gave me their phone #.  I haven't called them yet, and I haven't told Hubby that I have someone who can give me a ride.  

I am positive that he will not want me to get a ride and will go along with me instead but, really, what fun will it be to go through 10 more weeks of this when he obviously isn't supportive of it?  

You know what the kicker is?  The church sermon dealt with the importance of reading and knowing the Bible and bringing faith into our home.   Couldn't have been more appropriate.  

It is also the current lesson in my daughter's catechism class.  The pastor discussed God as our father and how he cares for us.  Then he asked my daughter, what does your Dad do that your Mom doesn't do and do you know what she said??  She said "watch TV!"  Can you believe that?  Really, I do watch TV.  I just do not watch any series, and could go days without turning it on, if it were just me in the house.  

So that's my current life in a nutshell.  Uncertainty, poor communication, irritation, and monotony.  I am positive next week will be better.  :o)

PS - One other thing that is super exciting, TWO of our baby chicks laid their first eggs yesterday!!  They are a really pretty peach color.  I will have to take a picture.  How coincidental is it that they both started on the same day?  And our one older chick who lays nearly every day did not lay one yesterday!  I think she was probably totally confused as to why the nesting boxes were no longer all hers.  This morning she laid a huge one. 

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