January 5, 2012



Each day seems to pass by faster than the last and I wish everything would just slow down.  However, each day I grow wiser, calmer and more appreciative of my life, family and inner strength.  I love my life just the way it is.  This moment.  Today.

I am trying to pull those feelings from my heart and appreciate each moment as it comes.  That is my January "experiment" and I am going to share those results here.  I have come to realize that I am really good at letting life happen around me and not so good at making it happen.  Here's some of the highlights from this past week.

New Year's Eve ended up being low key.  Hubby has been working a ton and got two late appointments that afternoon while I went and had my hair colored (yay girl time!).  We ended up going out to eat at the Olive Garden.  It was a long wait to get a table so I enjoyed a lovely glass of Riesling - one of my favorite varieties.  After dinner we went home and watched Pirates of the Caribbean:  On Stranger Tides.  The ball dropped in New York about 20 minutes later and then the kids and Hubby went off to bed.  I stayed up until the music note dropped in Nashville (Wisconsin's actual 2012).  They let off fireworks and my heart rejoiced and I clapped my hands and thought...hello 2012.  I am so ready for you!

Sunday Hubby and I had a grocery date.  I've so enjoyed being able to do the grocery shopping and letting the kids stay at home.  Hubby and I have made it special by stopping for coffee before hand (a treat for both of us) and making it a fun time rather than a chore.  We bought a raspberry pie for dessert that night and I made fresh whipped cream.  Another treat.  (I've also come to realize that a lot of my pleasures in life revolve around food and drinks...).  After the kids went to bed Hubby and I celebrated the new year with a bottle of sparkling Muscato and local gourmet chocolates in front of the fireplace and played Yaht-zee and Bop It until 1 in the morning. 

Monday was a holiday for me.  I slept until 9:00 AM (VERY late for me!) while Hubby made homemade blueberry pancakes.  I did some scrapbooking and cleaning and organizing around the house.  I watched a ton of reality TV--Food Network and TLC.   Enjoyed a nice quiet day.

Tuesday I came home to homemade French onion soup that my Hubby made from scratch (broth and all) following Julia Child's cookbook recipe.  He even stopped to get fresh bread from the bakery (I could have eaten the whole loaf...YUM!)  My daughter had confirmation class that night so we dropper her off and stopped at Panera to grab some coffees and do some reading while we waited for her. 

Wednesday I went out to lunch with a coworker (more girl time...hello!) and had a nice quiet day otherwise.  Spent the evening listing some things in my shop and some computer work.  Right now (as I type) I'm enjoying a yummy Rum-Chata over ice. 

None of these things are wild but they are all special occurrences in my life and to think that almost every day contained some sort of treat makes me a very happy woman. 
I'd say my experiment is going well, but not as good as I'd like it to.  I want to focus more on appreciating my Hubby and getting in touch with those that are near and dear to me that I haven't spoken to in awhile. 

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