February 23, 2012


It has been many weeks since I've posted a proper update and I hate that.  I think it is so important to keep some sort of journal documenting life.  It passes by so quickly and now weeks have gone by and many moments have already been forgotten.  Here's a little recap of the past several weeks.

My daughter...
  • had her first boyfriend, Jake.  The smile on her face was beautiful when she told me.  I think she was very happy to finally be able to say that she had a boyfriend because they were the first words out of her mouth when she saw my brother the next day.  Her friends had already had boyfriends, and I was dreading the day it would be her turn.  That weekend she spent glued to her phone sending so many texts, that I asked her to put the phone away and later, read her texts.  I was surprised to see that these texts were including "I love you."  After that we talked for about 45 minutes.  I think I really crushed her spirit at that time because her enthusiasm was much less from that day forward.  In the end it turned out to be a non-event.  He "broke up" with her one week later to move on to greener pastures.  I am breathing a sigh of relief, until next time. 
  • went from an A/B student to a B student this quarter.
  • is loving her dance team and is very excited for the variety show.  It has been a long time since she has shown passion for any thing in particular so this is a welcomed attitude.  (She is even trying out for the pom squad next fall.) 
  • got to tour the high school she will be attending in September.  It was a chaotic cluster of adults and snotty teenagers trying to navigate using a small photocopied map that I could not read at all.  That meant my daughter was the navigator and, well, that didn't work out too well.  
  • sent 5,653 texts last month.  
My son...
  • has continued to amaze me with his viola skills.  I am wanting to find some more music for him to try playing because he seems to know the others almost entirely by heart.  He LOVES to play for anyone who will listen.
  • may be attending a charter school next year.  We went to meet with the lead teacher at Badger Rock and think the school would be just what he needs.  They offer a lot more hands on experience, outdoor activities (including an on-site garden), and skills that are not just your typical math/science/reading in a classroom setting.  We will know late March if he has been accepted, but it is a lottery system so it's up to luck and fate whether or not he gets this opportunity.
  • has been forgetting about the homework in his backpack, again, and leaving some of his work at school so it can't be completed at home.  These past few weeks have been rough for him.
My hubby...
  • treated me to lunch as an early Valentine's present.  We ate the Med salad at Noodle's, then walked down State Street for a cupcake (the favorite for me, and cookies and cream for him) and coffee (black forest mocha, yum!!).  It was very decadent, especially for a weekday lunch.
  • has been working like a dog.  Days, nights, weekends, events...  For awhile there he was slow and now it is just non stop work.  (That means NO massages for me.  It's probably been three months since I've had one.)
I am...
  • creatively insane to the point of impairment.  I can't accomplish all that I'd like to and somehow my brain keeps coming up with more ideas and projects.  I have been neglecting my clay work, which needs improvement (not gonna happen when I'm not even doing it!), but I finished up several of my decorative balls and photographed them, now just need to list them and I will be showing a how-to on my blog as well.  I have completed several layouts and cleaned up my scrap room.  My next projects include a banner and my new found obsession - coloring with Copic markers.  I'm sure I'll be talking about them plenty here in the future.
  • still dealing with stomach issues.  Had my physical last week and everything looks good.  My doctor thinks I may have an abdominal wall muscle issue so for now I'm trying to do some light strengthening exercises to see if that might help.  
  • sad to learn that my Grandma will be gone soon, but happy that she will soon be free of suffering.
The chickens....
  •  have been busy.  All four of them are laying now.  Average 2-4 eggs a day.

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