March 22, 2012


Is it possible to have too many creative endeavors?  

That is what I've been asking myself lately.  I have so many ideas that I'm not sure it's physically possible for me to do them all, but the visions, dreams, hopes continue and push me forward.  I'm not complaining, creative energy is a wonderful feeling, but some days I feel more like a collector of dreams than realizing my dreams.  I feel passionate about all of them equally.

Right now I have a card idea that involves a doily die cut -- perhaps for a wedding.  I can see it in my mind, perhaps metallic grey card base, a pink doily extending off and around the crease to the back of the card, and a white organza ribbon and pink brad at the center point of the doily.  What a perfect card for Mother's Day or Weddings.

I want to paint on canvas.  It involves red, white and black acrylic, a poppy image perhaps, I am not really sure yet, but I can see certain elements in my mind, some red/black blending in the background and bold white element as a focal point.  I haven't painted since high school but for some reason I have a strong urge to do so and also the confidence that I can make something beautiful. 

I have a lot of new Copic markers waiting for me to play with them.  I spent a small fortune on them and haven't given them much of my time yet, because my visions keep pulling me elsewhere.

I have two photo frame projects in the works.  

I have a very elegant heart banner idea that I want to create and sell in the shop.

I have some new buttons and pendants waiting for the final coats of sealant and listing in the shop.  I also have a clay technique book that I want to go through and really explore the properties of polymer clay. 

I want to write, but that has been pushed to the back burner for a long time.

I want to scrapbook.  That is one thing I have been consistent on this month and have -- for the first time ever -- used up most of my monthly Studio Calico kit before the next one arrives.

I started some new owl die cuts that I am going to list in the shop.

I think that's it, but these are only the active, daily creative thoughts that I've been having.  There are tons more just floating in the back of my mind or written down for later.

Sometimes my brain just blossoms with colors, images and ideas and it is too exciting to let go of them.  

So, I ask, is it possible to have too many endeavors or is this simply a characteristic of artists in general?  

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