January 19, 2007

Korbin Sings in Class

Many of you know we've been having problems with Korbin's behavior at school. His teacher calls us at least once a week. He doesn't sit still, he wants to play and make sound effects (so much like his dad that way!) and he has a bad habit of swinging his arms or anything he's carrying around and sometimes he hits other classmates doing so. He's always been touchy-feely with his hands, and they are never at his side. He also says a few words that the school will not allow: poopy, stupid and butt head being his latest. We don't mind him saying those words but the school does, so we punish him when he gets home with soap in the mouth. We have to be consistent with what the school tells him.

Well....Korbin's sheet from yesterday indicated that during choice time he decided to sing "I like big butts and I cannot lie." He's heard this song on the radio and thinks it's funny. I have to tell you that we both laughed at the thought of this. When we felt like we weren't going to burst out in giggles we calmly explained to Korbin that songs like that are not to be sung at school. I'm seriously wondering what the teenage years are going to be like. *sigh*

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