January 4, 2007


Ali Edwards is a very inspirational artist who I have been admiring. Her style is not perfect but it is always fresh and always just a little unexpected. She can make the simplest things look beautiful. I am always inspired by Ali's words, her artistic eye, and her ability to enjoy each moment of her crazy life. I check her blog as often as I can. This week she encouraged her readers to choose a word to symbolize your year ahead.

My word for 2007 is EVOKE.

I will bring that childlike sense of just being in every moment into my life. The freedom to not have everything match.. To feel okay laughing out loud even when I am by myself. To feel how life can be fun and to enjoy every moment of it. To not be afraid to try new things. I will evoke my freest and happiest sense of self in 2007. I can do that. I want to do that. No, I *will* do that.

May the year ahead be a fun and happy time for all!

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