January 11, 2007


I've just gone through a hard couple of weeks. I could finally see that the medicaton was not working for me and that I was still feeling depressed. I've now switched medications and have been experiencing a few side effects from the change over, but I am doing better.

I have the day off today and I slept in until 8 o'clock. Even better, I woke up remembering some dreams that I had. It's been a LONG time since I could say that and I used to be able to recall my dreams every single night. I miss that. I am going to spend the rest of the morning doing some scrapping. I feel like a creative genius right now, the ideas have just been overflowing and I keep grabbing my journal to sketch out some more layout ideas.

This afternoon I have a meeting at Korbin's school - not looking forward to that but I'll get through it. I am not sure how this meeting will turn out but right now I feel like we are heading into a conflict. What's easiest for the school versus what is best for Korbin. Issues with kids can be so hard.

I am spending the day OFF my computer except for late tonight when I have to work on the ScrapFriends newsletter. I've volunteered to edit it and am having a crash course in HTML. It's fun to learn something new.

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