March 7, 2007

Tricking Ourselves

Last night on my way home from work I developed a headache. I have chronic muscle tension so a "small" stressor can cause pain and discomfort in my back, shoulders, neck and head. Try as I might I just can't seem to learn how not to be stressed out. At these times I practice deep breathing but it doesn't cure the stress in my muscles.

Frustrated about having another end of day headache, I took a different approach. I "willed" myself to cure my headache by mentally telling myself that I am in control of my body. If I could make the headache go away for five minutes, I would treat myself with a Dove chocolate that was waiting in my pocket.

It worked! Maybe carrying around a small reward for oneself is just the incentive we need to get motivated.

By the way, the message on my chocolate wrapper said:
When two hearts race, both win.
What a lovely expression!

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