February 28, 2007

Life Composition

I've recently begun a year long process of life composition. We are all composers of our life aren't we? We do create our own reality. After all, if we can't control the direction of our own life, who can?

One of the mantras of this coaching is "Do It Now!" If you contemplate the weight of that one sentence, it is just overwhelming to think of what could be achieved in one lifetime.

No excuses. Just act. Think about that.

My life is composed of six major goals ("rocks") - self, family, husband, create, health, enjoy.
These are all of the areas that mean the most to me right now. Each day I will plan an act to put me closer to my goals. At the end of the day, I review what I've accomplished and make a plan for the next day.

My thought yesterday was this:
I feel like I'm poised at the starting gate ready to give it all I've got. Let inhibition go and feel the strength and creativity take over. Write, draw, dream.
I'm ready to take control of my life. Are you?

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