August 16, 2007

THURSDAY THOUGHTS - And the winner is...

I appreciate the advice and comments I received last week about my mental dilemma. It is true that I'd love to be on the October Afternoon design team and I have decided to go ahead with my application. I need to submit three scrapbook pages, one altered item or mini album and one card when I send in my application. The deadline to apply is August 25th.

There are still some doubts that are going through my mind - not about whether or not to apply - but whether I am "good enough" to even be in the running. My cure for this is a reminder that everyone in this world has self-doubt no matter who you are or what you've accomplished. As long as I enjoy the process that's all that matters!

I've been having a great time letting my creativity just flow uninhibited and am coming up with some ideas and pages that I love, and some that aren't turning out the way I'd envisioned them to. This week I am feeling settled and mostly organized so my Virgo world is a happy one!


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