August 9, 2007

THURSDAY THOUGHTS - I've been mud wrestling

I've been mud wrestling . . . with myself that is.

It may be time to write up some new goals with time lines. I just can't seem to get a good focus on my life right now. Maybe I'm way overthinking this. Please share your thoughts/comments with me. I could really use them right now.

We have some heavyweight contenders in the ring:

Scrapping - Love my review team work with ScrapFriends, love scrapping, still have free time to just play. Have been entering monthly contests. Belong to a kit club. Fallen in love with October Afternoon and am considering applying for their design team. Have been wanting to be on a mfg. design team for a long time.

Writing - Want to do more of it, need to do it more regularly. Try to establish a daily routine of writing even if it's only for 15 minutes. Would like to finish a novel and try to get it published. Receive a lot of praise here.

Family - This is what really makes me feel unfocused. Not sure why. I spend time with my family and still have time to do my own thing, but if I join another design team how will that change? Hubby will be starting school next month so it'll be just me and the kids three nights a week. More opportunity to scrap on those nights.

What should I do, should I apply for the October Afternoon design team? It feels like too good of an opportunity to not at least try for. Should I keep my scrapping at the level it is at now and focus more on writing? Or should I do all three?

I do have to say I'm a person who works well with structure and keeping busy. I love so much, and seriously mean it when I say I wish I didn't have to sleep. Debating on how busy to be, I'm thinking "Hey, you only live once! Might as well live it to your fullest!

So, I'm thinking apply for the design team. I may not even get an offer - actually, I likely won't get an offer, but hey, I can dream! Please give me your thoughts.

(Now after reading all of this you probably think I'm over-analyzing everything. I agree, but that's just me. Totally focused and serious at some times, and playful and creative at others. Welcome to my cerebral jungle gym!)

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