February 13, 2008

THURSDAY THOUGHTS - Having your cake and eating it too! I'll take seconds please!

I woke up thinking today was Thursday so here are my Thursday thoughts!

I have had a goal of writing for so long now and it just never seems to happen. It is hard to find the balance when I have two passions that take up a considerable amount of my time and energy. I had a revelation of sorts yesterday while reading The Writer's Digest. The theme of the article was "If you lay one brick every day you will eventually create a wall" (my analogy, not theirs). How hard is it to take 15 minutes out of a day to focus entirely on that passion? It won't be much but it'll be something and that's a lot more than I'm doing right now.

Since I'm so goal driven I have decided to e-mail a small group of people to receive my daily writings. It may not be much more than a paragraph some days but my reader's group will keep me motivated and on task. I chose people who have been very helpful to me in the past or whose opinions I have great respect for. If you have not received an e-mail from me but are interested please let me know. I will limit the amount of people I share with for obvious reasons. My reader's group has no obligation to comment on my writing at all, but I hope they do, and most of all, I hope they kick my butt into gear when I need it.

As far as scrapping goes, I have become quite comfortable with my current responsibilities and routine. I have also become more confident in my work and that means less of a need for competition. If something awesome comes along I'll consider it but I'm not going to go bananas about every opportunity that presents itself. I had a premonition last week about my future scrapbooking and if that comes true I will be just where I want to be. ;)

Right now I'm eating a large slice of chocolate cake, eating the batter from the bowl and scooping frosting out of its tub and into my mouth--metaphorically of course, and it is yummy!! Who knows what tomorrow may bring? For today, I'm going to have my cake and eat it too!

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