July 3, 2008

THURSDAY THOUGHTS - Keeping a Schedule

At times when there are so many things I want to do I've found the best way to get it all done is to keep a schedule. I'll write down two or three things I want to get done today and work on them. Often I allot specific hours to specific things - at least when I'm at work - and that helps keep me focused. I also feel like I'm accomplishing things throughout the day with each little goal being achieved.

We are having our 4th birthday bash at ScrapFriends this month. It's amazing how it has grown in such a short time! Each of the review team members are hosting challenges throughout the month. Today I sat down with my calendar and assigned each challenge and contest (some outside of ScrapFriends) that I wanted to work on this month to a certain day. Hopefully I can complete some of them early, but otherwise I'm going to try my best to complete and enter them on the day that they've been assigned to. With those, my review team work, going to CHA, my kids birthday party and a weekend visit from my MIL, my entire month is now completely booked.

Oh, and then there's that little matter of the MAKING MEMORIES MASTERS CONTEST which is due at the end of July and WHICH I HAVE NOT EVEN STARTED! I feel nutso, but somehow I know I'll get it all done. I'm keeping the faith, and a warm heart to those who have fought for our independence.

I'll leave you with some sneaks. You can see the complete layouts on ScrapFriends to be released in an upcoming review.


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