September 23, 2008


I've been wanting to post for several days now but life has been crazazy over this past week especially.

I don't know if you felt the winds change direction but we definitely have here at home. Last Friday Hubby graduated from massage therapy school and passed his national exam a few days before that. It was an extremely difficult year for both of us and on our marriagte. It's been looming like a light at the end of the tunnel that this day would come. And now it has.

Adjustments.....they can be uncomfortable even under the best circumstances, can't they?? After a year of barely seeing each other we are now together ALL the time and boy, does that take some readjusting to! It's like we have to learn how to reconnect again. We still have work to do but things are going fine.

This week Hubby is officially working as a massage therapist. Well, trying to anyway. He needs to build clients first so that he can earn some money so that we can pay bills. In the meantime things are extremely lean around here. I am thankful that we are in pretty good shape financially and should be able to work through these few months with a loss of almost an entire income. Hubby has already build a good reputation among his co-students, instructors and clients who he'd met through school so I think we just need time to get it all running smoothly.

This new path has also meant being able to take our kids out of daycare for the very first time. It is an adjustment for them and us too, but I think it will be a very good thing overall. Hubby has seemed excited to help out around the house more and has promised me many meals ready to eat when I get home from work. It sounds lovely. I wonder how this new life will play out.

To celebrate we went to the Chula Vista Resort in the Wisconsin Dells over the weekend. We attending a gorgeous wedding there and then did the waterpark thing with the kids and my in-laws (who watched the kids so Hubby and I could enjoy the wedding as a couple). It was a great time, but also a very tiring weekend. In a good way.

Tonight I've been packing for a trip to San Antonio where it is supposed to be near 90 degree highs each day and sunny or partly sunny. I can't wait! It just feels like I've been doing nothing but running lately so I'll be glad to actually arrive in San Antonio and have a few quiet days before I return home to a pile of laundry, bills needing to be paid and work to get ready for.

Change can be uncomfortable but it can also be very refreshing.

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