December 9, 2008

THURSDAY THOUGHTS - December Delights

I know, I's been like forever since I posted. Bad me!!

Life has been good. I had an excellent Thanksgiving and gracefully it was the first one since my sister died that I didn't feel like my day was totally missing something...and what right did I have to be celebrating anyway??

I also visited my BIL and his new girlfriend in the house he and my sister had lived in for the first time since she was long overdue but still caused me some panic and anxiety. Would the house look the same? Would I feel my sister around me? What would I think of his new girlfriend? I've missed seeing the kids sooo much so I focused on them and did really enjoy the time together.

I guess the third year is the one for me where things start to settle in a bit.

This is my last month at ScrapFriends and my assignments are near completion. The January reviews will be assigned soon and I'll get to see all I'll be missing. It is so bittersweet. I have many thoughts of creative ideas and being able to really do what I want to do just for the fun of it soon and that has me very excited. Perhaps this will finally be my chance to clean my scrap room a bit and use up some of my old stuff.

I just finished a review for Claudine Hellmuth's Collage Textures and Techniques DVD which will be published on ScrapFriends in about a week. It inspired me to create the new header for my blog. I used the petroleum jelly technique as a resist for the paint on the ART letter pieces. Whaddaya think?

This month's big project is applying for the Create My Keepsake DT call. It is the one I mentioned in my earlier post. I've been a lurker and shopper there for a long time but have only recently been participating in their forum. I LOVE how interactive the site is, the owner is top notch, the store ROCKS and the ladies are super talented. I see that some members have applied to the DT for many years without success....ack! I may not make the cut, but it is truly what I wish for more than anything else. I'm busy putting together my kit for the entry and will be posting it and my projects in another week or two. I'm hoping the creative fairy stops by and gives my work that extra something. :D

Oh yes, we also got our first big snowstorm last night and today. I think we got around 7" of snow and the schools closed. Our schools are notorious for staying open no matter what so it is a really big deal when they close! It was so windy and snowy that I didn't even bother trying to make it into work.


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