December 10, 2009

THURSDAY THOUGHTS - Buried in Snow's been a long time since I've shared my Thursday Thoughts. Hopefully I'll get a little better at it, but it sure gets hard to stay motivated in the winter. I think the bears have it right with the whole hibernation thing. This would be a good time to bury myself under piles of blankets with a full belly! Oh wait, I am doing that right now! Ha! ;o)

Thanksgiving was a good one as we got to see both sides of the family. I don't get to see my sister's kids much since she's been gone but the rest of the family was there. It's what thanksgiving is all about...spending time with family.

We ate at my in-laws again this year. They made a delicious turkey, to-die-for stuffing, the works. We brought an awesome Martha Stewart dish that had sweet potatoes and peaches. Hubby thought I might like it better with the peaches since I do not like sweet potatoes no matter how much brown sugar or marshmallows are piled on top. Very strange, but I just don't like them. I did eat this dish and it tasted good but I'm still not fond of sweet potatoes. He also made a green bean casserole similar to the one with cream of mushroom soup but ours was from scratch. I didn't have to cook a single thing so it was really nice!

We all played the Bop It game before we ate. Addicting! And after we had filled our bellies, we watched the Tale of Desperaux. I slept through most of it.

We had a variety of cheesecake flavors and an apple pie for dessert.

This week we had our first major snowfall and it was major...official total was 17" though I think it might be a bit more than that. Schools and my work closed down so we spent the day relaxing and playing the Wii.
The kids spent a good hour outside as soon as they found out there was no school.
The dog came in with huge baseball sized snowballs stuck to the fur on his underside. I tried to pull them off and probably got a good gallon's worth of snow off of him...and that was only what I could take without hurting him. Crazy!!

Today I had to work and, besides navigating through head high snowbanks, I also had to deal with frigid temperatures. Commuting time for me wasn't bad this morning but tonight my bus was delayed for over 45 minutes. My toes were ice cold and hurting and I was so thankful to get on the bus even though it was standing room only. Because the bus was so full of people we passed three stops with people waiting on the bus. That is the first time I've ever seen that in the 15 or so years I've been riding the bus. I'm sure they were pissed, but the driver had no choice. I finally got home nearly two hours after I left work (and I don't live that far from work...joys of the bus system!) I witnessed a lot of cars getting stuck on inclines near Olbrich Gardens due to glare ice and the outbound John Nolen Drive was shut down entirely...another first that I'm aware of. There was a Badger Bus stuck on ice down by the capitol and lots of other slick areas.

I was greeted with a cup of homemade hot cocoa by my lovely Hubby when I got home and sat under the blankets for a good 20 minutes before I felt warm enough to eat my dinner.

Hibernation still sounds wonderful...

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