June 3, 2010

THURSDAY THOUGHTS - So much goodness!

HAPPINESS - My brother and his wife had their first child on Tuesday!  Her name is Bella and she's so adorable, with a sweet disposition and little squeaks when she sleeps.  I can't wait to see her grow up and see my little brother being a Dad. 

On our drive home from visiting with Bella last night we had a lovely conversation with my daughter.  She told me that they had to give a speech in class that day and she was one of the first but was able to get up and give it and got over being fearful quite easily.  We were so proud of her (especially since she's leaned more toward the shy side)!  Then she told me she had written an essay about me for one of her earlier assignments.  She read it out loud to me and it was the most precious things a mom could ask for from a child.  she wrote about me being nice, loving M&M's, being crafty, playing games together, making buttons with polymer clay and her helping me, etc.  I asked her to give it to me so that I can save it.  Really special.

I also got together with my friend, D, on Monday.  It was so nice to have girl time.  I forgot how much it rejuvenates me.  As usual, D and I have some wonderful crafty conversations and I end up just wanting to spend more time together.  Our creative ideas seem to inspire us both.  So...tomorrow we are getting together for a clay date.  Can't wait!

SADNESS - My kitty, Allison, suddenly stopped being able to use her back legs on Tuesday.  We took her to the vet and after $450 worth of examinations, blood tests and xrays, we still aren't positive what is wrong.  She has some slight narrowing of a lumbar vertebrae and has degenerative arthritis which is very unusual for a 3 year old cat.  The worse news is that we have to keep her confined in a crate for at least 4 weeks to allow her time to recover.  Allison hates being locked up, or even held for that matter, so this is not fun for us.  So far she's been fairly good about it, although she does meow in spurts through the night and day.  I can't imagine 4 weeks of this. 

This week I've been missing my sister a lot.  Especially with my new niece just being born, I can imagine all of the conversations we'd be having right now.  It is sad that she's missing out on being here for that (and so many other things as well).  Although I have two great brothers we will just never have the same relationship that is shared between sisters.  She was always so giving and supportive and I really miss that.

CONFESSION - I've finally perfected my recipe for an awesome mojito.  Yum!  I've had hamburgers for dinner three or four times in the past week.  I know, bad, but oh so yummy!

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