June 17, 2010

THURSDAY THOUGHTS - Turning Cant's Into Can's

HAPPINESS:  This week was the start of summer break for my kids.  They were both sad to see school end but I know they will enjoy their summer break too!  This summer is a big change for them and for us as they will be spending parts of some days home alone.  They can play wonderfully together some days and other days, well, they do nothing but get on each other's nerves.  Hopefully they can play nice while we're not around to referee.

This past weekend went quite well for me as evidenced by my desire to bake.  It's always a good sign of my general well being.  I made a lemon tart which tasted yummy but not much different than traditional lemon bars which are much easier to prepare so that recipe is not a keeper.  I also made some soft pretzels using this 90 Minute Soft Pretzel recipe which were FANTASTIC.  My daughter helped me shape the pretzels and sprinkled them with salt before baking.  We each had two warm from the oven when their outsides were just crisp and the insides were soft and fluffy.  YUM!!  This recipe is a definite keeper.

SADNESS: Nothing!


Thought this was a great saying I found on my friend Tina's blog a couple of months ago.

CONFESSION:  I splurged on some Papertrey Ink products this week.  It was my first time ordering from them and I can't wait to use them. 
I purchased this Up, Up & Away stamp set.  Aren't they sweet?  I also got their Retro Background Stamp, cloud dies, Dotty Biscotti patterned paper, vintage cream satin ribbon and some kraft cardstock.  Look for these in my upcoming projects!!

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