August 25, 2011

THURSDAY THOUGHTS - Life is a Celebration

Today is my 21st wedding anniversary!  WOW!!!  

Had a very nice visit with my mother-in-law this past weekend including a yummy dinner at Olive Garden.  My first time ordering clams and mussels and it was very good!  We played some Yahtzee and watched "Race to Witch Mountain."  Other than that I just enjoyed being outdoors as much as possible.

I did some clothes shopping at New York & Company on Saturday.  I bought three tops and a pair of ballet flats.  I have been wanting to downsize my wardrobe but I got to a point where I have to make some more tough choices on what to keep and what to give away.  You know that stuff you keep in your closet just because you might wear it one day?  Yeah, I still have that to deal with.  However, I have decided to limit any new purchases to raspberry, teal, chocolate brown, black and white.  By staying in a fixed color palette it should be much easier to mix and match pieces.

I also had some early birthday surprises over the weekend.  My mother-in-law had me pick out a new curling iron and blow dryer to replace my old dying ones and I love the cute new tools!!  Haven't been excited about blowing my hair in...well...forever!

My son came up to me in the mall and placed a small votive candle under my nose and asked me how I liked the scent.  To be honest, I was trying to finish up my clothes shopping and didn't care for the distraction, but I sniffed and then he had me smell another, and another.  I looked over at him and see his small bag and ask him why he's carrying a bag of candles.  He tells me that he bought them.
What?  With your own money? I ask.  


Why would you do that?? oh, wait, my birthday's coming up.  Did you...

With a look of realization that his surprise was just ruined, "Ummm....happy birthday." he says while handing me the bag, now with an adorable sweet smile.
I couldn't believe it.  He thought to buy me a gift with his own money and without prompting??  Priceless I tell ya.  It's my best birthday ever, and it hasn't even arrived yet.  ;o)

Sunday was a treat as well.  Our friend Ben came over for his last supper prior to departing for death row California.  Seeing as how the state is going to drop into the ocean at any moment we wanted to make it a special one.
We made peppery steak Bearnaise and mixed vegetables and shared a bottle of Beaujolais.
After that gourmet feast we decided to head to Olive Garden for dessert.  We ordered one of everything - nine desserts for four adults and two kids.  The link I've included does not list the pumpkin cake we had as well.  We drew quite a bit of attention from many of the servers asking to join us.  It was our first time ever ordering "one of everything" and we had lots of laughs and sugar highs before it was over.  We actually ate almost all of the dessert.
Adelita at 3 months

Here's some more pics of the chicks.  They are starting to feather and fly a bit already.  It is so cute watching the three of them together  They sort of get going like little popcorn kernels in a hot pan.
Smore's (left) and Espresso (right) at one week

My chick (who still doesn't have a name) at one week

Have a great week!

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