September 15, 2011


I didn't tell you about my birthday a couple of weeks ago.  I took the day off of work -- mainly to pick up my son from early release -- but I was also able to spend the morning doing fun things (scrapping, reading, enjoying some coffee).  I knew something was up though because my kids were WAY too excited about my birthday, though they never spilled the beans.  In fact they told me that it was "going to be my best day ever - even better than the day I had them!"

Before Hubby left for work he told me that there would be something coming that afternoon.  I demanded that he tell me what in the world is going on!  I just knew that the excitement surrounding my birthday had to be for a good reason.

Well, as I was starting to suspect, my family had bought me a new 50" plasma tv - something I had been dreaming about for several months - and a new tv cabinet for it to sit on.  The tv is awesome!  Hubby chose a cherry finish tv stand with glass panel doors and it looked completely out of place with our old country style furnishings sooo...I had just happened to read about a liquidation sale at one of our local furniture places and I suggested we go look at a new coffee table and end table since our current oak tables were in serious need of refinishing.  To be honest, I had been ready for a new "style" as well so the more modern cherry finish with glass paneling that Hubby had chosen was perfect.  The furnishings there were still plentiful and we ended up buying a whole new living room set - a rich chocolate brown microfiber and deep brown leather two-tone couch and loveseat with end tables, coffee table and sofa table with rock inlay in a cherry finish and two lamps for the price we would have paid for the sofa alone.  We couldn't pass it up.  So now, suddenly, I have a whole new living room all thanks for my birthday!!

We are doing it all backward because now we need to decide what color we want to paint the walls -- think that will wait for awhile yet though.

I will have to take some better photos during the daylight and when it's cleaned up a bit but here's a sneak at the new additions.

 And Smores and Marley on Sep. 5th.  (around 4 weeks old I think?)

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