September 1, 2011

THURSDAY THOUGHTS - Enjoying the last of summer

I took last Thursday off of work so that Hubby and I could celebrate our 21st wedding anniversary.  I suggested breakfast at the Pancake House (not the chain restaurant) and enjoyed buttermilk pancakes, a fried egg and bacon.  It was such a gorgeous day out that we decided to head up to Devil's Lake for the day.  Even though Hubby and I are both Wisconsin natives neither of us had been there. 
It was about an hour's drive from Madison.  Weather was in the 70's with a nice breeze and sunny skies.  We arrived about 10 AM.  I had a bright idea to rent a boat and spend some time out on the lake.  Hubby decided a paddle boat would work better for the four of us rather than a canoe or row boat.  That was his bright idea.  After pushing the paddle boat away from shore and getting my good tennis shoes soaking wet, I jumped in and we quickly learned what a pain in the ass navigating a paddle boat is.  I was ready to go back within 15 minutes and Hubby was not thrilled with this activity either.  We pushed on, cycling our legs for nearly two hours, taking turns with the kids when we needed a break.  After we got used to the cycling it wasn't so bad but our return trip was against wind and it felt like we were not moving at all. 

After the boat ride we had some lunch and then sat on the beach for awhile.  I noticed my legs were feeling like they were getting sunburned though they weren't pink whatsoever.  I decided it was time to get out of the sun.  I don't typically sunburn but apparently being out on the water was all it took.  My legs got bright red soon after we left and I regretted only putting sunscreen on my arms thinking we would be hiking. 

It was a great time spent together and that's all that matters.

Sunday we went to Hubby's work picnic.  They rented sumo suits and Hubby had fun kicking some booty. 

And here are some recent pics of the chicks at two weeks old.  I think I've settled on Marley for my chick's name.  What do you think?



Quote for the week:
The road to success is dotted with many tempting parking places.
                        ~ Unknown

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