October 31, 2007

PUH - LEEZE people!!!

So, my headphones are broken and I was forced to listen to the conversation on the bus this morning instead of Gwen Stefani...ugh.

Here are two ladies complaining about the new recycling bins that the city provided a few months back. They had at least a 10 minute complaint-fest about:
  • how large the bins are (they are slightly larger than a standard sized garbage can)
  • how much of an eyesore they are
  • how long it takes to fill them up
  • how difficult it is to get them into their garage due to its size
  • how they were going to file a complaint after requesting a smaller bin but were told that they are not available
It was all I could do from not butting into their conversation (and I was about 10 feet away from them). I just wanted to say:
  • obviously there's a reason the city only made one size of bin. It could be the way the truck has to pick them up or perhaps they are just trying to promote recycling, huh?
  • um, what did you expect, a pretty garbage can? OMG
  • why wait? Recycling trucks come around every other week on garbage day.
  • maybe you should clean out your garage
I wanted to tell them that if that's the issue they have to complain about, they are awfully damn lucky and should just shut up already.

So there!

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