October 15, 2007

The Tooth Fairy Stopped By

Korbin lost his first tooth! It's been loose for about a month now and he wiggled it quite a bit and it finally fell out while he was eating dinner last night. He was so excited!! He immediately wanted to call a friend to share the good news but I told him to wait until after dinner and then we ran out of time.

Katie passed down her tooth fairy pillow to Korbin and she read him the tooth fairy booklet before bed and carefully placed the pillow on his footboard. When Korbin woke up this morning he found a $5 bill and was practically screaming he was so excited! He ran into my bedroom, where I was still sleeping, to let me know what the tooth fairy had left! And then he asked "Can I call my friend now?" It was about 5:45 AM!

Great first tooth experience!

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