January 2, 2008

New Year = New You

2008...it's so hard to believe! It got me thinking, is it possible to start the new year with a new you? Decide to put all of your faults behind you and become a new and improved you? We hear about resolutions to lose weight, exercise or quit smoking but how about resolving not to criticize and complain? Decide to break free from shyness once and for all? Being caring toward friends and strangers alike? Deciding that this is your year to totally ROCK. A year that will define the rest of your life.

I have some regular goals and some personality changing goals for myself in 2008. My goals include:
  • taking a picture and journaling about each day
  • completing my novel
  • continue with Tai Chi
  • my shy self has been put to rest, it's time to open up and share the love
  • 275 scrapbook pages
  • write one how-to each month
  • just totally ROCK!
2008 is going to be a stellar year. I will make sure of it. I am at the wheel of my destiny and I'm driving, no, speeding toward my dreams. Wanna come along?

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