January 4, 2008


Okay, I know it's really Friday but you would not have wanted my thoughts yesterday as they were laced with f-words and it took me a great deal to get back to my normal self again.

It was so cold yesterday that Hubby had a delayed start at work and took me to mine. We were having a great conversation about stress and the effects it has on our body - ironically enough - and I had brought my camera along and was taking photos of the beautiful sunrise.

We were about three blocks away from my work when everything went topsy-turvy for our great start to the morning. We had a car accident. Someone had placed their garbage bins in the street and to close to traffic and we hit it and lost our passenger side mirror. With the temperature (-4) and force from the mirror bouncing off of my window it's lucky that the window didn't shatter. Since we were so close to my work we continued there and Hubster dropped me off. I checked for other damage to the car but thankfully there was none.

I was shaken by the accident but was very thankful that the mirror is the only thing that got damaged. While I went to work Hubby went back to the accident site to retrieve the mirror, which had smashed into worthless pieces. He called the police which came out but were completely apathetic about the situation stating "they don't have much choice [on where to put the garbage can]." No, that's not the case, there was a driveway nearby. Now I know the snow's piled up high along the roadways but don't you think that if one car has an accident it's prudent to move it so that no one else hits it? I guess not in Madison.

There are city ordinances that restrict refuse being placed in the street where it has a potential of being an obstruction to traffic and any potential damages. I contacted the Streets Department who very succinctly told me that they could do nothing about the situation and that we needed to contact the home owner directly. This run around was making me so angry!

We did not involve the home owner believing that this is something the city and/or police would help with. Neither of them cared less. Now don't you think it might be advisable to at least give the home owner a citation? Nope. Apparently WE were at fault for driving down the street because WE are the ones who will have to pay for the damage.

I am still very frustrated and may do some more inquiring today (any thoughts/suggestions?) but I am not angry and thankfully the repair will not be as expensive as we thought it might - it will be close to $200.

Last night I must have just crashed because I was falling asleep while Korbin was reading to me, and when I tucked him into bed and went to sit with Katie in her bedroom I laid down to rest and continued to doze off. About a half hour later it was her bedtime and I told her I'd just stay and snuggle with her for awhile (which she LOVED) and fell asleep again and woke up about an hour later, got up to do some reading, and then go back to bed again. I still felt very tired this morning but now that I'm moving around I'm doing better.

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