January 31, 2008

THURSDAY THOUGHTS - Waiting for the Sunshine

It has been a very long time since I've posted Thursday Thoughts but am happy to continue to be creative. I'm still very proud of myself for creating "Still My Little Boy" all digital. I'm such a newbie to it (that's my 3rd digi page ever!) and I really like what I did. Hmmm...could this be the start of a new obsession??? I swore I'd never go completely digi but dang it was so fun & quick!!

I'm on schedule for all things scrappy but I'm a little behind on writing a how-to for January. I have been working on it and it is a big how-to with a lot of instructions and pictures. I want to get it done within the next week so I can start on my next one. I already have ideas for that and it won't be nearly as complicated.

I have also pulled together 9 PACKED kits full of goodies I want to sell. Each kit comes with 15 pcs. patterned paper and 5 pcs. cardstock, tons of embellies, and ribbon, flower and buttons of course! I still need to write up kit contents and figure out the selling price for each kit. Hopefully I'll have more on that soon.

I hope you get a chance to check out my gallery. I've been working with some great Spellbinders dies, the new Daisy D's valentine's collection and Flair's Amazing Grace collection. I have some other fantastic products coming up later on this month. :D

Life at home is going well. We had a difficult experience with our dog, Milo getting bit on the nose by our neighbor's dog. Milo's nose was injured pretty bad and we had to take him to the emergency animal clinic. He is healing well but it will take a lot of time and probably leave a large amount of scarring. We are trying to teach him to speak right now. He gets totally confused because he normally would get scolded for barking excessively, but suddenly he gets treats!! He's such a smart dog and we really need to work with him more. It's hard to describe his personality but it is definitely fun and he knows when we are teasing him and he LOVES it.

Other than that we've been fighting off colds, trying to stay warm and spending a lot of time at home driving each other crazy! More soon!

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