March 28, 2008

THURSDAY THOUGHTS - Wake me up when it's over

It's been a rough week. No matter what I do I always feel like I haven't done enough. My creativity is in a major slump but I haven't let it stop me, it's just been much harder to create. I had taken the day off Thursday to get caught up with myself, both physically and mentally. Days like that where it's just me, my tunes and my scrap room are super precious to me. I just can't duplicate the type of renewal that I feel from that.

My son ended up with a horrible croup-like cough Wednesday night so we kept him home on Thursday. He doesn't need a lot of my supervision anymore but it still entirely changed the way I spent my day. I am hopeful that he doesn't get worse as we are supposed to be getting together with my family to celebrate Easter this Sunday. We had to postpone it a week because my niece has shingles. I've been feeling under the weather too and have felt very tired. I am looking forward to late tonight and tomorrow morning where I will be locking myself in my scrap room. Lots of pretties coming up in April!! I'll be reviewing Tinkering Ink, Prima and American Crafts and Somerset's new Digital Studio book....which prompted me to create my own blog do you like it?

I promise to share as soon as I can...and hopefully this weekend some "just for fun" work.

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