June 18, 2008

Found me some mojo!!

Some days it sure feels like I've been living under a rock. Thanks to the CK newsletter I just discovered the Oh Joy! blog which is nothing but pure inspiration, color and total WOW! I just did a quick glance through and knew I had to share it with all of my peeps. :D (Aren't I thoughtful??? LOL!)

I've been gravitating farther and farther away from scrapbook-related projects as inspirational sources. I use a lot of magazines, websites, catalogs and just what I see in everyday life. I also still rely on Scrapbook Trends, which never ceases to inspire me. The rest of the mags. (some of which I still subscribe) I will be letting go. It seems the less I look at what others are doing, the more I've learned to listen to my own inner muse. The outcome is often a page I just fall in love with.

What do you use for inspiration?

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