June 12, 2008

THURSDAY THOUGHTS - File this one in the "TOO MUCH INFORMATION" folder

I spent the day cleaning and organizing my scrap room. If there's one thing that makes me stop from buying more stuff it is trying to put away all the stuff that I already have piled all over my desk!!! I clean off my desk about every other week and it always takes FOR-EVER! Anywhooo...it's done (enough) and I did manage to complete a cool layout today with two more in progress.

Now, onto the juicy TMI.

My daughter just learned about puberty. She's almost 10. She's been super excited about learning all of this new stuff and hardly a day went by for the past two weeks without her bringing it up. So far Hubby and I have been able to answer her questions without freaking out (in front of her at least!) and have always been honest with her. I've done some stalling trying to figure out what to say and realized that every question does not have to bring up the whole enchilada. The mother of all things puberty related. The talk. That's been a relief!!

After the puberty lessons and educational video she informs me that she can only wear tampons when she's swimming. And she knows how they work. The cotton soaks up the blood . Okay. Like I haven't had my freakin' period FOR-EVER already. But I humor her.

She's obsessed with getting her period and she has been carrying the school-supplied pad around "just in case." I just let her go with it, but I do tell her that hopefully it will be a LONG time until she has to deal with that stuff.

And now.....well......it's happening!

"Mom, it hurts right here." she says as she's pointing to her nipple. I take a look and sure enough there's a hard little lump in both of them and one is swollen. Gee, I remember when that happened to me!! I've tried to wish this wasn't happening but they still hurt her so I think I need to resign myself to the fact that my little girl is GOING THROUGH PUBERTY!

God save me! (Oh, and keep Hubby from becoming totally spastic, please!)

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