February 25, 2010

THURSDAY THOUGHTS - Winter Blues, Go Away!

I can't believe this is the last week of February. I also can't believe that we've had snow on the ground for about 11 solid weeks now. Even in Wisconsin it is unusual for us not to have several thaws throughout the winter. I am so ready for spring!

Remember way back when I mentioned wanting to do a weekly Wednesday Words blog post where I will share some of my recent writing? Well, I am happy to report that I've been writing! I know...shocking! Right now I've switched back to an as-yet-untitled book about a couple named Richard and Callie. I had some thoughts that fit in well with where I want to go with this story so it is what I'm working on. I anticipate switching back to Alex (whom I've shared previously) and her story but we'll see where the writing takes me. Next week look for the Wednesday Words posts to start. The writing will be first draft and may suck, but you'll get a taste of the story and where I'm headed with it.

This week my daughter has been a real sweetie helping one of her classmates get around in a wheelchair after she broke her leg. I thought it was so loving of her to willingly give up her free time for a friend in need. She's a big nurturer. With the way she babies our cat, Clair, I can see her being one of those cat ladies when she's older. Whether it's a husband, kid or pet I see her doing a lot of mothering and nurturing in her lifetime.

This week we also bought a new computer as our other one went to CPU heaven. This one has a gigantic 23" monitor which is awesome! I took a few minutes to play Bejeweled 2 on it, but that is all so far.

I think that's about it for now besides work being crazy busy still and me trying not to get sick with 1,000 other people coughing and sneezing around me. I think nearly everyone in the office has been out sick with this nasty cold within the past two-three weeks. Today my throat feels very scratchy so I hope it didn't find me. I thought I'd found a pretty good hiding spot.

I have been feeling quite low this week and have been trying to understand why. I have found a lot of comfort in listening to the Black Eyed Peas / The END over the past couple of days. The first time I listened to it (when it first came out) I was not that thrilled, but the more I listen to it the more I like it. I've really found the words and beat uplifting. Nice to have a healthy place to turn to when I don't know what else to do.

Thanks for stopping by!

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