July 29, 2010


HAPPINESS:  An unexpected call from my Hubby yesterday asking if I wanted to play hooky from work and see Despicable Me with my niece and kids.  Didn't have to think long on that one.  Despicable Me is a great movie...highly recommend!  So funny I laughed out loud several times.  My favorite part?  When Mr. Gru read the kitten puppet book...so cute!

Feeling very thankful for all of the blessings in my life.  Although money is pretty tight right now, we've never wanted for anything.  It is an eye opener when one of your loved ones is literally trying to work to make ends meet, not being able to eat or even buy gas for their car.  I have never, ever had to deal with that in my life.  I haven't even had to fear bouncing a check or figuring out what bills I should pay each month.  I am so grateful and blessed for all of the comforts I have in my life.

Also, just started watching Netflix streaming videos through a wireless blue ray player.  LOVE it.  Although there aren't a ton of instant watch movies available yet, I do feel this is the smartest path for Netflix to take in the future and now we're ready for it! 

SADNESS (sort of): It is almost August already which means summer is almost over.  It has been a very pleasant summer in Wisconsin this year but so little of my time can be spent enjoying it.  I've been heading outside after work the past few evenings just to read in the sun for awhile.  Heavenly!!

THOUGHTS:  Wishing I could eat better.  I've been getting daily emails from Eat This, Not That and they are always very enlightening.  Today they linked to the Food Additive Glossary.  One look through that and I no longer want to eat anything unless it's fresh & unprocessed.  If only I read this every day I might have a fighting chance at cutting out the crap.  It's worth a read. 

CONFESSION:  I've watched way too much TV this week - America's Got Talent, Losing It with Jillian Michaels, Intervention, Obsessed, Billy the Exterminator and, starting tonight, Project Runway.  Woohoo!  Considering I normally watch just an hour or two of TV a week this is A LOT.  

Wanting:  Lancome Genifique Eye, Essie Nail Polish in Splash of Grenadine, a new wardrobe, and a vacation.  (Had a dream I went to Fiji the other night...no clue why Fiji but I'm taking it as a sign...looking to head there in 5 years for our 25th wedding anniversary.)

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