July 1, 2010

THURSDAY THOUGHTS - I'm a winner!!!

HAPPINESS - I won this gorgeous Sampler Kit from Scrap That, a lovely Canadian kit club!!  I have been wanting the Pink Paislee Queen Bee Collection for awhile now.  That mixed with BasicGrey??  Pure loveliness!!  I also got the new Distress Stickles in Old Paper in the kit - my first of the Distressed kind.

I'm very impressed with the kit contents, high quality and even like the smaller assortment of goodies (flowers and pebbles in this kit) versus a full pack, because sometimes a girl just wants to try something out.  The Sampler Kit price is $24.99 which is very reasonable but add on the $9.99 for U.S. shipping and it gets a bit pricey.

Can't wait to play...now I just need the TIME!  Thank you Scrap That!!
(bottom image from Scrap That)

SADNESS - This week I learned that I suck at mini golf.  I feel like a total dolt, but I take it in good stride because I know my vision affects many things that are even remotely athletic.  Yes, I did just use "athletic" and "mini golf" in the same paragraph--you got a problem with that?

THOUGHTS - Thinking about the ways in which we self-sabotage and are then unhappy with the results we get.  I could list many things that I do that would fall under this category.  One of the most frustrating is not getting enough exercise even though I know I should.  Why is it so hard to make it a habit in my life?  That is a mystery to me.  Mind over matter, right??  Well, I did get my Wii Fit Plus a couple weeks ago and I have been using it.  I've even been looking forward to using it!  I've also gotten a lot of comments over the last couple weeks about looking good.  Nice motivator!

CONFESSION - Trying very hard to accept what life hands me, relying on my faith and the knowledge that I can work though anything that comes my way.  Trying to be self-confident and strong.  Weaknesses this week - pretzel M&M's and McDonald's. 

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