June 2, 2011

THURSDAY THOUGHTS - they grow up too fast!

Happy Birthday to my niece who turned one year old on Wednesday!!  I can't wait to spoil her in person!

This past week we celebrated Memorial Day weekend.  My mother-in-law came up to stay for a few days so we had fun visiting, watching movies, and just relaxing.  We also had a lovely meal at one of my favorite places...Outback Steakhouse.  The last couple of times I've gone there I've ordered the Tilapia with Lump Crab Meat and it is super yummy! 

Sunday was mostly rainy so we waited for the weather to clear before heading out to the Brat Fest.  We finally got there around 7:00 PM and it was cold enough that we needed a light jacket.  We had brats, roasted corn and, of course, funnel cakes.  We sat listening to the music for awhile but with the clouds gathering overhead and the soggy earth beneath our feet we decided to head back home instead of waiting to see if it would stay dry for the fireworks they had planned.

Monday we went to the Memorial Day parade.  The kids got a haul of candy, pencils, and even a toothbrush this year.  I enjoyed the bands, the bagpipe players, the top hat whistler guys and the Clydesdale horses the best.  We spent the afternoon enjoying the weather and visiting with a friend.  This day it was in the 80's and so hot and humid we could hardly believe the difference 24 hours could make to our temperature.  The rest of this week is supposed to be wonderful weather so we are all happy about that.

Tuesday we have had our baby chick for one whole week and it is amazing how much she's grown.  My daughter named her Adelita (Ah-dah-lee-tah).  Her feathers are growing in and she's practicing flying in circles.  It was only a few days after we'd had her that we noticed a new, more social sounding chirp.  Now she has a light "tweet tweet" when we are around and a louder, deeper and whiny sounding squawk when we leave.  Here are some photos of her at @ one week old.

Wednesday Hubby and I enjoyed a nice lunch at a local Mexican restaurant and then we went to my daughter's school for a little skit they prepared as part of their class work.  I'm sure I'm somewhat biased here, but she did the best of everyone in her class.  At least she knew her lines and expressed them with some emotion.  Most of the kids needed reminders of their lines. 

Lots of stuff going on over the next few months.  I am trying hard to get the blog to have a daily post but it will take me some time to get there.  Until next time...

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